Why glasses are the best form of style expression

From John Lennon to Iris Apfel and Andy Warhol, some of the world’s most iconic dressers have long understood the value of a great pair of glasses. They are some of the most important and distinctive accessories a person can wear. And yet, they’re often overlooked when it comes to conversations about personal style, while shoes and handbags take up all the airtime.

“I think of glasses the same way I think of earrings or hats – they’re brilliant finishing touches,” says the Edinburgh-based influencer Louisa Hatt. “Not only do they help showcase your personality, but they’ve been especially great over the past two years with so many virtual meetings. It’s the perfect way to express my sense of style when people can only see me from the shoulders up.

Rosaline Chahnavaz

Rosaline Chahnavaz

“My style can be quite minimalist, so accessories are really important”

Here for SHE, Hatt tried on pieces from Vivienne Westwood’s latest eyewear collection, created exclusively with Specsavers. Covering optical frames and sunglasses, the new range draws on classic patterns and prints from Vivienne Westwood’s archives, including tartans, hand-painted graffiti and delicate rococo-inspired detailing.

For Hatt, the range is perfectly suited. She prefers a less is more approach to her wardrobe, emphasizing timeless pieces such as ribbed vests, white tees, sharp men’s shirts and retro blazers, so accessories are really important. “Most of the time I start with black or tan tailored pants and build the outfit from there,” she says. “I often add a white cardigan, then chunky boots or a flat sandal. Then it’s time to accessorize – whether it’s glasses, jewelry or headbands, accessorizing is a fun way to make simple outfits look a little different.

“When you look at these frames, you immediately think ‘This is a Vivienne Westwood piece.”,’ Hat said. She’s drawn to an oversized shape with the iconic Westwood tartan printed on the frame, as well as the “VW 05” prescription frames, a rounded geometric shape she describes as “really wearable yet incredibly chic.”

Rosaline Chahnavaz

“For me, fashion is a form of self-expression”

Hatt wears the collection with pieces from her existing wardrobe, including a bold green fitted midi dress and a voluminous white cotton dress from cult New York label Khaite. “What I really tried to do was balance minimalism with a touch of edginess, so for styles that had a print on the frame, I would go for a simple, monochromatic outfit to let the glasses talk,” she explains. Each piece is designed to highlight the personality of the wearer and tap into their rebellious side, a core philosophy of the Vivienne Westwood brand. The designer joked that she “can’t think without her glasses” and has long included glasses in her fabulous and irreverent runway collections. The only surprising thing about Westwood’s decision to collaborate on an eyewear capsule collection is that it took so long.

Rosaline Chahnavaz

Hatt’s career as an influencer started on a whim. She started taking photos of her outfits just for her personal use, to get an idea of ​​which pieces she wore many times and which she didn’t. Over time, she began tweaking her daily uniform, donating unworn pieces to charity shops in an effort to promote a more circular approach to fashion (a passion she shares with Westwood, a champion of sustainability that uses recycled plastics in the new Specsavers line.) She started posting the photos on Instagram and garnered a loyal following who loved her classics-first ethos.

“The best advice I can give anyone is that comfort is key”

“To me, fashion is a form of self-expression,” says Hatt. “I love putting looks together and how an outfit can transform how I feel and how I look.” Many of his followers ask questions about how to master a sense of personal style, a subject Hatt can get lyrical about. First and foremost, she says, you need to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. “The best advice I can give anyone is that comfort is key. If you feel good, you look good. It boosts your confidence, you stand taller, you look great.

Rosaline Chahnavaz

Rosaline Chahnavaz

Building a solid wardrobe of staples that you will seek out again and again is another key tip. ‘Start by focusing on the basics. Invest in tailored pants, a structured blazer, a simple white vest…it’s the basis of many brilliant looks. Finally, she lives up to the fail-safe fashion that you should always include a great finishing detail, whether it’s a pop of bright color via your favorite lipstick, a stunning earring, or a pair. glasses that cause a stir. “It’s an instant confidence boost.”

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