Why fans are furious with Pharrell Williams’ Tiffany glasses

American rapper Pharrell Williams has established his horizons in the music world as well as the fashion world. During Kenzo’s fall 2022 show in Paris, the musician dropped a fashion bomb. However, it wasn’t her clothes that caught everyone’s attention, but her rather interesting choice of eyewear.

The music ace hinted at a collaboration with Tifanny & Co. wearing almond-shaped sunglasses with diamonds on the rim and emerald studs on each temple. He then posted a series of photographs to his Instagram handle showing off the glasses. Apparently, with a flash of a big smile, he told WWD,

“Tiffany and I are engaged”.

The sunglasses would be “the first of many things I’m going to do with Tiffany,” he added.

No matter how exciting the news of this collaboration between Pharrell Williams and Tiffany & Co. is, netizens have been focused on the striking resemblance between the design of the new sunglasses and the rare glasses from the Mughal Empire.

Furious reactions to Pharrell Williams Tiffany sunglasses

Furious fans are calling out William and Tiffany & Co. for copying Mughal-era sunglasses (Image by Sportskeeda)
Furious fans are calling out William and Tiffany & Co. for copying Mughal-era sunglasses (Image by Sportskeeda)

Fashion watchdog Diet Prada pointed to the similarity between the new design of sunglasses and vintage eyewear that dates back to the 17th century.

Jewelry expert Annabel Davidson posted photos of herself wearing the original pair of sunglasses and compared the striking resemblance to the new bespoke design from Tiffany & Co.

She said,

“I think Tiffany & Co. made a mistake by not referencing the pair that many of us saw last year.”

Tiffany and Co. posted a photo of Pharrell Williams wearing the sunglasses where they claimed the piece was custom-designed, but did not credit the inspiration for the Mughal Empire sunglasses.

Netizens have been brutally honest in calling out the artist as well as the label.

All About Original Mughal Glasses

The official Sotheby’s website describes the artefact as a pair of Mughal spectacles – emerald lenses set in mounted diamond mounts, India, lenses circa 17th century, 19th century mounts.

The show features “two teardrop-shaped flat-cut emeralds set in silver and gold frames mounted with smaller old-cut diamonds and emeralds,” Sotheby’s describes.

The estimated price of the original glasses is around 1.5 to 2.5 million pounds sterling, or around 2 to 3.4 million US dollars. The glasses are part of Sotheby’s Art of the Islamic World and India collection.

“Beyond imagination, the following two pairs of glasses, set with emerald and diamond lenses, were originally crafted from precious stones that would have weighed more than 300 and 200 carats respectively. The origin of emeralds can be traced back to the Muzo mines of Colombia, while the diamond lenses most likely originated from the famous Golconda mines of southern India.These represent not only a technical feat in their cleavage, but also an audacity and an extraordinary invention, also steeped in tradition. These two extraordinary pairs of glasses, have never appeared on the market before but have been the subject of a multitude of academic research. The following catalog note will be based on information gleaned from detailed scientific and historical analyzes to understand their design and production,” Sothebys.com describes in the Catalog Notice.

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