Why are artificial diamonds popular in social media today?

There has always been a high demand for diamonds. Their elegance and simplicity impress every individual. This is why everyone prefers to get a 3 carat diamond pendant or diamond ring than any other item. People choose to buy more diamonds because they represent a profitable investment.

However, natural diamonds are not the only option you have. You can now get laboratory diamonds which are as beautiful as natural diamonds. Many people have shown interest in artificial diamonds, and with each passing day the number is increasing. You will even see a lot of people promoting lab-created diamonds on social media. The popularity of synthetic diamonds has increased, and there are several reasons behind this.

Why are lab-grown diamonds popular?

Getting lab-created diamond rings or wedding bands has become a common practice among the masses. Of diamond bangle to diamond stud earrings, you can find various items made with lab-created diamonds. More people choose this option because it is:

1. Purer and higher quality

When comparing natural diamonds to man-made diamonds, you will notice that lab-grown diamonds are purer. Naturally mined stones have dirt and impurities. They are called earth diamonds in several places.

A natural diamond undergoes several processes. It is blown out of the ground. Additionally, they may have flaws as they are mined using various tools and machines. Compared to natural diamonds, artificial diamonds have fewer flaws.

Since artificial diamonds are produced under perfectly controlled conditions, they are shinier and of higher quality. There is no compromise on clarity when it comes to a naturally found diamond. If you’re thinking of giving engagement rings or lab-grown diamond studs to your loved ones, go for it. Anyone who gets these diamonds will fall in love with them.

2. Affordable for everyone

Natural diamonds are very rare. You won’t find them in abundance. With that, a lot of hard work goes into the extraction process. That’s why they are expensive. Compared to original diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are readily available. They can be easily grown, so they are not very expensive. In fact, you get them for a quarter of the cost of natural diamonds.

Also, lower price does not mean lower quality. There is no compromise on color and quality. Here’s the deal, synthetic diamonds have the same color and brilliance as natural colored diamonds. Some people even say that engagement rings and wedding rings made with man-made diamonds are prettier than any other stone.

So you can find a great piece of jewelry without going over your budget. You may not be able to buy a large naturally produced diamond, but you can easily buy a top lab solitaire with the same money. The main thing is that it is bigger and better.

After all, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a lab-grown diamond or a natural diamond? At least it’s big and shiny.

3. Guaranteed origins

Naturally found diamonds have a long journey. They are in different countries and go through different hands. Most of the time, you cannot identify the origin of a natural diamond. This is why many people want to buy lab-grown diamonds.

If you are worried about buying blood diamonds, these lab-produced diamonds are ideal for you. Instead of tangling with diamonds from various conflicting regions, you can choose a safer option.

Nowadays, people are more aware of their environment and concerned about human rights. Lab-grown diamonds have no history of child labor or human rights abuse. Therefore, you don’t need to feel guilty when buying these wonderful pieces.

4. Environmentally friendly

We all need to protect our environment. Unfortunately, natural diamonds do not support our environment. Diamond mining involves lengthy extraction processes. From exploration to digging, crushing and grinding, the process involves several steps. Each causes significant damage to the Earth’s natural structure.

In addition, mining requires heavy machinery that runs on fossil fuels. These pollute the air we breathe and lead to the depletion of natural resources. On the other hand, synthetic diamonds have no negative impact on the environment. They are durable and safe. Manufacturers even use the term eco-friendly to sell their stock.

Think about it, would you wear a diamond tennis bracelet that would contribute to air pollution? Of course not, and that makes these synthetic diamonds so popular. You can buy them in bulk because they will cost you less and you wouldn’t indirectly harm anyone. We all have a role to play in saving the planet, and by choosing artificial diamonds we are doing something good for mother earth.

5. Invest in a better future

Having a diamond is priceless. They look great on everything and can be worn anywhere. However, buying synthetic diamonds is not just for aesthetics, but serves a bigger purpose. If you opt for man-made diamonds, you are investing in future research and development.

Giving importance to research offers better chances of economic growth for a country. We all love having the latest technologies and tools. With an increased demand for synthetic diamonds, the need to produce a greater quantity of goods increases. To this end, manufacturers devote a generous portion of their sales to research and development. They try to produce much better quality goods in less time.


Diamonds have always been everyone’s favourite, but nowadays synthetic diamonds are foremost. More people are opting for natural diamonds because they are:

  • More shiny
  • Bigger
  • Safer to use

Natural diamonds may not be your favorite, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Many problems are associated with them. Of all the problems, the biggest one is that natural diamonds are limited. Even the largest mine in the world cannot produce diamonds forever.

Thus, we have to move on to another long-term option. Lab Diamonds can be produced in greater quantities, and they will cause no distress to you or your surroundings. You will see several people promoting artificial diamonds on social media platforms as they are worth your money and time.

Sarah C. Figueiredo