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Many jewelry stores offer engagement rings and wedding bands. Most have a bridal area for consultations. But one jewelry chain went further: Helzberg Diamonds ordered nearly 600 of its associates to help customers get married in the store.

Now, running away or having your wedding ceremony at a jewelry store isn’t for everyone. But Helzberg takes it up a notch with a national contest targeting engaged couples. The grand prize is a pair of wedding rings and a cash prize of $19,000, which is equal to the average amount couples told a national survey they would save on a wedding if they only included the essential.

The competition runs until August 29 and is open to committed participants who are interested in Helzberg for their wedding rings and who are willing to marry in the store.

Jordan Hanna Raul Verde Helzberg
With the simplicity of two white buttonholes, Jordan Hanna and Raul Verde got married in Helzberg, a free service the chain offers to engaged couples.

Lauren Gravelyn, an ordained associate of Helzberg Diamonds, says she hopes engaged couples take a real look at the Hitched to Helzberg offer and competition for two reasons. The first is financial savings on the average cost of a wedding in the United States, which according to surveys is approximately $33,204.

She also wants couples to know that Helzberg makes her stores the perfect wedding venue, if you’re into that sort of thing. For example, this free in-store wedding allows couples to bring wedding decorations like decorations, flowers, and cakes. They can also bring their family to watch. Couples must already have their marriage license and any witnesses they will need according to local and state laws.

The Hitched at Helzberg program began in October 2019. To date, the chain’s ordained associates have married 189 couples in 22 U.S. states. Gravelyn has officiated one wedding so far, and she says it was a great time for her in terms of sentimentality and working in the jewelry business.

Gracia Guzman Helzberg
The Gracia-Guzman wedding at Helzberg Diamonds featured a balloon backdrop for the happy couple.

“I was ordained by the Universal Life Church; it was very easy,” says Gravelyn. “The only wedding I did was a couple who wanted to get married during COVID, and the courthouse was closed. It was fun to do and a wonderful experience. I felt privileged to be part of their special day.

The marriage report called 2022 “the busiest year for weddings” in more than 40 years, and many couples are facing challenges paying for the event due to rising inflation and associated costs.

To this end, Helzberg conducted a nationwide survey of more than 1,000 engaged American couples to ask about their wedding plans. The survey found that 62% were willing to consider a scaled-down or elopement-style marriage; this number rose to 69% among women surveyed.

The survey also showed that 26% of couples felt they were spending too much on a wedding. When asked, they said they could skip certain wedding traditions to save money, including flowers, booze, a videographer and music from a DJ or band . On average, this would save couples around $19,480, Helzberg found.

This total is what inspired the Helzberg Contest, offering this amount of wedding savings to the winning couple in hopes of helping them get married at no additional cost.

“If someone wants to put that money somewhere else to fund something that’s important to them, they can do that and not lose that marriage experience,” Gravelyn says.

Top: Timothy Frederick and Raquel Dorf are a couple who decided to get married at Helzberg, a free service offered by the jewelry chain to help people offset rising wedding costs. The chain orders its associates to marry people off and holds a national contest to help a couple pay for their wedding (photos courtesy of Helzberg Diamonds).

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