Valentine’s Day: perfumes, books, wines and technology to offer on this special date

The most romantic date of the year, the Valentine’s day o Valentine’s Day is approaching and thousands of Peruvians are looking for the perfect gift for their loved one. For this reason, we offer you a series of gifts that you can buy for that special person. Books, wines, cakes, sweets or perfumes. You will find everything in this selection that we have made for you.

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  • Valentine’s Day package: The Morandina brand, a wine made from Andean berries, is launching the Valentine’s Day Pack: a wine of your choice such as Berry Mix (blueberry, blackberry and raspberry), Berry L’Amour (Raspberry) or Golden Berry (Aguaymanto) at the inside a tubular pack (friendship or love design) + box of 12 roses of your choice (red, white, yellow, fuchsia and pink) + dedication card. Price: S/ 253.50 (postage included). Point of sale: Delivery. Contact: 948 060 683 / 946 421 163
  • Morandina individual pack with tubular packaging (Valentine or Friendship design) which contains a wine of your choice (Golden Berry, Berry Mix or Berry L’Amour) plus a dedication card costs: s/71.50. The berry wine brand Morandina is a pioneer and has opened a new category in the world of Peruvian oenology, since it is a “fruit wine, which does not come from any grape variety”, but from berries. grown on the heights of Caraz (Ancash). Instagram: @MorandinaPeru.
Morandine wine

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  • Cakesicles and heart chocolates: SugarLab’s candy selection is sure to delight your palate. SugarLab has put together a box of cakesickles and heart chocolates with Valentine’s Day motifs, decorated with roses, hearts, teddy bears and phrases.
  • Creative cakes: SugarLab introduces Valentine’s Day mini cupcake options, available in different flavors, including red velvet, carrot, and chocolate favorites. Decorated with the phrase “Love” to sweeten your partner. The famous Velours Rouge can be appreciated just by looking at it because of its intense red color and its so-called icing cream. It is a pleasure for the palate and for the eyes, because just by seeing them “they enter through the eyes”. For more information you can enter or by (977 825 220).
Mini cake, cakesicles and heart chocolates. (Photo: SugarLab)

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February is also known as the month of love and friendship, and there’s nothing better than celebrating the occasion with sweets. On this special date, La Panadería del Country will offer sweet alternatives that will be the ideal option to share with friends and loved ones.

Since the first of February, he can be found in his local avenue. Los Eucaliptos in San Isidro, packets of cookies decorated with icing. These will come in packs of 4 units and will be priced at S/20.00. On the other hand, it will offer decorated red velvet cupcakes at S/9.50 each. These seasonal products They will be available until February 28. For more information and orders, call 51 998 191 236 and/or meet at Calle Los Eucaliptos 590, San Isidro.

(Photo: Country Bakery)
(Photo: Country Bakery)


With the arrival of February, the month of love and friendship around the world, Papa John’s has imagined an original way to celebrate with an exclusive launch by Valentine’s Day: a new heart-shaped pizza. Intended to be tasted in the company of your favorite person, family or friends, this limited edition product will be available in all the flavors of the brand. The promotion, which in addition to the pizza includes a side dish and a 1 liter soft drink, will be exclusive for the month, and will be available until February 14, ‘Valentine’s day’.

The pizza can be tasted in all the establishments of the famous national chain (Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo, Piura, Ica) in delivery, via the telephone exchange (01 – 606 0000) or on the website, during working hours from 11 a.m. at 11 p.m. All customers who purchase the combo will also receive a Valentine’s Day card.

Valentine's Day Papa John's.
Valentine’s Day Papa John’s.


If on this Valentine’s Day you want a moment of disconnection far from the crowds that will overwhelm restaurants and cinemas, the Peruvian firm of loungewear & sleepwear par excellence in Peru, in bloom, has pajamas that ensure moments of comfort. “Pima cotton sleepwear provides spaces for everyone to connect with themselves, as they are extremely soft pieces that not only provide benefits such as breathability, softness and skin care, but help also to have a more profitable rest cycle.commented Inés Ortiz de Zeballos Belaunde, Strategic Director of inBLOOM. To know their products, you just have to enter their website:

(Photo: inBLOOM)
(Photo: inBLOOM)


We are sharing a list of some titles by well-known authors who deal with matters of love and reflection so that you can give it to the person you consider your favorite person. You can find the books in all bookstores in the capital.

“Sira” by Maria Duenas

World War II is coming to an end and the world is embarking on a torturous reconstruction. After fulfilling her duties as a collaborator of the British secret service, Sira approaches the future with a desire for serenity. However, she won’t. Her destiny will reserve her a tragic misadventure which will force her to reinvent herself, to take the reins of her life alone and to fight fiercely to channel the future. Among the historical events that will mark an era, Jerusalem, London, Madrid and Tangier will be the stages it will cover. There she will face tears and reunions, risky tasks and the experience of motherhood.

“The Boy Who Draws Constellations” by Alice Kellen

It is a story of love, dreams and life, that of Valentina. The girl who didn’t know she had the world at her feet, the one who grew up and started thinking about the impossible. The one who chased the stars, the one she wanted the most, the one who had crossed paths with her, Gabriel. The boy who drew constellations, the brave and idealistic, the one who trusted the words “forever” and created the pillars that eventually held the past, the present, what was and the memories that will grow into dust.

“First Person Singular” by Haruki Murakami

The narrator can sometimes be the author himself. Are they memories or fiction? The reader decides. Philosophical and mysterious, the stories in the first person singular beautifully address lost loves and loneliness, childhood, reunions and memory with Murakami’s unmistakable touch. From nostalgic memories of youth and musings on music to dreamy settings and invented jazz records, the stories challenge the boundaries between our minds and the real world.

‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen

A classic of literature that you will want to reread and reread… It is the story of a single man in possession of a remarkable fortune who is looking for a wife.

“My Love of Wattpad” by Ariana Godoy

Jules is an introverted teenager who enjoys reading and surfing the Internet. One day, when she has nothing left to read, she joins Wattpad, a virtual community of writers and readers. So she decides to start writing and uploading her stories for others to read. Most of his comments are positive, however, there is someone who doesn’t seem to enjoy his stories at all but who, ironically, will be the one to change his life. His silences begin to seduce her and lead her to fall in love with him, even if it seems ridiculous to her. When they finally meet, she Jules can’t resist her charm.


Perfumes, jewelry and smartphones

From February 7 to 13, will celebrate the day of love and friendship with offers of up to 50% in categories such as fashion, watches and jewelry, perfumes, accessories, confectionery, liquors, sexual well-being, technology or even pet products .

As for smartphones, they have the exclusivity of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11, while for gamers they can find great titles and releases such as “Horizon” and “Pokémon Arceus”; and pre-releases of “Grantourism 7” and “Kirby and the Golden Land”.

Valentine’s Day is one of the first major commercial campaigns of the year. On this date, we expect to continue to grow by 50% compared to last year. And to achieve this goal, we offer you free delivery on thousands of products in 24h and 78h everywhere in Franceover 50% off in key categories such as fashion, accessories, fragrances and technology“, he finished.


What are the best-selling products on Valentine’s Day?

According to, sales for the Valentine’s Day campaign are 30% higher compared to a conventional day. Likewise, the Falabella Group market reported that, for this season, Peruvians are spending an average of S/70 to S/100 to shop online.

Valentine’s Day is a very important campaign for us. We have identified that Peruvians start buying gifts to celebrate with loved ones a week in advance. Among the most requested products we have perfumes, watches and jewelry, confectionery and liqueurs. In addition, the sexual wellness category also shows strong peaks during this celebration, in fact, last year we increased in this category between 20% and 30%..” said Jason Huertas, commercial director of Linio Peru.

The executive pointed out that some of the favorite products of Peruvians in this category are: oils, sex toys, vibrators and lingerie.According to our statistics, 30% of our buyers of sexual wellness products are between the ages of 25 and 34, 25% are young people between the ages of 18 and 24, and 20% are adults between the ages of 45 and 64.he pointed out.

While in the computer category, the most sought-after gifts are anything related to gaming: monitors, headphones, mouse pads, keyboards and gaming chairs.

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