Use these eye drops instead of reading glasses to finally finish Proust. ‹ Literary Center

February 15, 2022, 10:28 a.m.

Look, we’re all getting old, you can’t really fight that. But if you’ve put off the inevitable buying of reading glasses at the drugstore because of a bit of vanity, well, I don’t blame you, and maybe you can put it off a bit longer.

According to American scientist, the recent “Vuity” is an eye drop treatment that counteracts the hardening of the lens with aging. Available by prescription, Vuity is the first of dozens of eye drop treatments currently in clinical trials. The technical term for aging in need of reading glasses is “presbyopia,” and it can make reading large books, in a sustained fashion, particularly difficult. So how can eye drops solve this problem? Good:

They do this by narrowing the pupil, the part of the eye that channels light to the retina, which turns that stimulation into visual signals for the brain. Reducing the aperture of the pupil is similar to reducing the aperture of a camera lens. It blocks out stray light from more distant objects, making it easier to target nearby objects.

Hey, I think you look cute with reading glasses…but I promise I won’t blame you for trying these.

Sarah C. Figueiredo