Top 5 Luxurious and Sensual Perfumes for Women

1. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

The packaging makes it one of the best gifts for that special woman or women to get. It costs around N69,000.

Luxe Digital, an online magazine, describes it this way:this best-smelling perfume for women is like walking through a flower garden, but after dark.

2. Coco Mademoiselle

Even if you are not a perfume lover, you most likely know Chanel No. 5. It is a close relative called Coco Mademoiselle. It costs over N100,000.

This fragrance was named after Coco Chanel and Luxe Digital described it as “embodying the unstoppable curiosity and cosmopolitanism of 1920s Paris, all in a magnificent bottle.

“Luxurious and opulent, coco mademoiselle opens up a world of glamor that Chanel herself has witnessed.”

3. Baccarat Red 540

This perfume has an Arabic scent, it costs over N200,000. Luxe Digital writes, “this captivating fragrance exudes sensual and spicy notes”.

Baccarat Rouge 540 gets its name from the temperature that turned the glass red.

4. Lancôme Life Is Beautiful

Lancome La Vie Est Belle sounds so beautiful on the lips and it means “life is beautiful”. The packaging is exceptional and costs around N60,000. Luxe Digital says it smells good “a rich fruit crumble with vanilla pastry cream.”

5. Gucci Flower

The cheapest perfume on this list. Gucci Bloom costs around 56,000 naira. It is one of the sweetest and most floral scents. Luxe digital says it’s “Delicate, sophisticated and beautifully feminine.”

These perfumes are perfect gift ideas.

Sarah C. Figueiredo