Three new perfumes to offer to mothers… and even to yourself! – Manila Bulletin

These new scents will tickle your olfactory senses

If there’s one thing women can’t get enough of, it’s those gorgeous perfume bottles that conjure up wonderful memories or imaginations. A quick puff can remind you of a field of flowers or a time when you traveled with your family to a place that shares the same scent with the bottle you vaped. It could also bring hope and excitement, giving the wearer the many possibilities that the future brings.

Here are three new scents you should include on your next shopping list.

Intense by Marc Jacobs
Jacobs is known for having fun, and that personality is also infused into his line of fragrances. Inspired by the designer’s personal mantra: “I am perfect just as I am”, this latest fragrance focuses on self-love and embraces your uniqueness.
The luxurious gold and black bottle contains the latest scent which is a blend of daffodil, night jasmine, golden toasted almonds and sandalwood for a warm finish. Rich and intense, indeed!

Here is a conscientious perfume, Chloé Naturelle boasts of a 100% natural origin perfume, which means that it is vegan. Developed with ethically sourced ingredients such as neroli, rose, cedarwood and citron. They also worked with suppliers for low-impact packaging via reclaimed materials, consisting of 25% of the glass bottle, 100% of the ribbon’s polyester and 40% of the cardboard box.

Burberry Elle
A makeover has just arrived at Burberry with its latest perfume Her. With peonies, green pear, honeysuckle and rose, what’s the note to love with this latest scent? The glass design is also very minimalist and wrapped in a refreshing pistachio green hue. Fruity, floral and understated yet captivating, Burberry Her evokes all of this by paying homage to the modern woman.



Sarah C. Figueiredo