This TikToker went viral for his eye makeup in the shape of genie glasses – Watch the video

The eyes: These are the windows to the soul — cliche, I know, but kinda true. They are also the facial feature where makeup artists can take over and let their creativity shine. Mastering the eye shadow and eyeliner part of a look comes first, and mascara is the finishing touch.

But for those who wear glasses, it can sometimes be daunting to try elaborate eye makeup – the products can smudge lenses or simply disappear behind frames. On July 1, a TikTok user Christiana Ajai created an intricate eye look with the shape of her glasses in mind, eliminating all those issues and going viral in the process.

In the past, Ajai has taken inspiration from other eye makeup designs seen on the app. In one of them TikTok Videos From May, she showed her take on someone else’s eyeshadow and captioned the clip, “I said I wanted makeup to match my glasses, I never said I didn’t like the glasses!!!” The inspiration for the green eye shadow The look comes from a photo on Pinterest, and while it’s not someone who wears glasses, the emulated design lined up perfectly with her frames. In a later PublishAjai also gave the content creator @Aoifeartist‘s pink eye shadow looks to go, this time intentionally making the design mirror the shape of her glasses. Since then, it has become his thing.

“Wearing glasses can be an accessory rather than a burden,” says Ajai Seduce. His perspective dates back to the age of 12. “I remember buying purple zebra frames at Claire’s and taking them to my optician to get lenses fitted when I was 12.”

These days, Ajai has thick and clear frames to complement her creative eye makeup. Her viral clip from July features step-by-step stills, capturing every detail of her process. Before any eye shadow comes in, she creates an outline that mimics the shape of her glasses on either eye using a light shade of concealer, applied with the edge of a concealer brush. Ajai says this is the most important part of the look; it ensures that the finished look sits within the frame of the glasses, which draws more attention to the eye shadow itself.

Sarah C. Figueiredo