This mushroom-shaped ring broke the world record for the most diamonds in a single ring

Written by Zoe Sottile, CNN

If one diamond just isn’t enough, SWA Diamonds might have the perfect ring for you.

The India-based jewelry company broke a Guinness World Records title for the most diamonds set in a ring with a whopping 24,679 diamonds.

The spectacular ring was designed to mimic a pink oyster mushroom, according to a Guinness World Records press release.
“The mushroom represents immortality and longevity,” Abdul Gafur Anadiyan, SWA Diamonds“, said the general manager in the press release.

The ring’s intricate structure was created by pouring liquid gold into a plastic mold to form 41 unique mushroom petals. Then, each petal was adorned by hand with natural diamonds.

The ring features 41 distinct mushroom petals, each covered in diamonds. Credit: SWA Diamonds

The glitzy ring weighs 340 grams – or three-quarters of a pound – and is valued at $95,243, according to the statement. A team of independent gemologists verified the ring and the world record was awarded on May 5.

SWA Diamonds’ mushroom-inspired creation has nearly double the diamonds of the previous record holder. Harshit Bansal won the title in 2020 with a floral design adorned with 12,638 diamonds.

Sarah C. Figueiredo