This Blinged Out Mushroom Ring Sets A Record With Over 24,000 Diamonds

The Guinness World Record for the most diamonds in a ring now stands at 24,679 thanks to India SWA Diamonds. The ring is shaped like a pink oyster mushroom with 41 petals, all completely covered in tiny diamonds. We discovered the bling-bling record on DesignTAXI, which reports its value at over $95,000. Which somehow works out to less than $4 per diamond. The name of the ring is “The Touch of Ami” and it weighs 12 ounces. Or about as much as a can of soda. Imagine wearing this on your finger!

The new record has more than doubled previous of 12,638 diamonds, also set by a jewelry designer in India. As recently as 2015, the record for the most diamonds set in a ring was “only” 3,827 diamonds. Since then, a competing group of jewelry makers has roughly doubled the number with each new record ring. Can this be redone or is 24,679 diamonds likely to be the most diamonds in a ring for many years to come? It’s hard to see how anyone could find a way to include more. The diamonds also cover the ring from top to bottom with several strands on the band.

Four shots from different angles of a ring made up of 24,679 oyster mushroom-shaped diamonds
SWA Diamonds

Other interested diamond records from Guinness World Records include the most diamonds set on toilets (40,815) and most diamonds set on a mobile phone case (6,576). But if you’re looking for just one perfect diamond instead of thousands, you can buy one in the shape of a Pokéball for that perfect Pokémon-inspired engagement ring. And never forget that Hidden Valley Ranch made one by heating and pressing ranch seasoning into a 2-carat diamond. How romantic.

The featured image: SWA Diamonds

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