These scents are a beach vacation in a bottle

These perfumes smell like a trip to the beach

Getty Images/ Tom Ford/ Maison Margiela/ Vacation

Scent is the most devious and subtle of our senses, but arguably one of the most powerful. And while scent is subjective, some scents unquestionably and universally elicit the same feeling.

Lately that feeling is a beach vacation.

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself on a white sand beach, lying on a soft towel with the warm sun enveloping your skin, the sound of the waves breaking a short distance away mixed with children’s laughter, your hair tied back, your sunglasses are lit – you are at peace.

Now imagine what feels As.

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A slew of new scents hit that note, taking those who use them on an olfactory journey to the seaside. They elegantly blend notes of coconut and musk with sunscreen accords to create a pleasant, relaxing scent.

Beachside by Maison Margiela REPLICA is a perfect example to start with. REPLICA’s mission is to evoke memories through fragrance, and to do this, the brand blends creative accords. Beachside Eau de Toilette brings users closer to the sea with bright notes of bergamot, musk, ylang-ylang, coconut milk, and more. The result: a milky scent that smells of warm, salty skin with puffs of sunscreen.

sunscreen scented perfumes

sunscreen scented perfumes


Shopping: $144;

Tom Ford was an early adopter of the trend, transcending the traditional scent of sunscreen into an upscale air that transports you to a sun-drenched yacht in the Mediterranean. Soleil Blanc, which is French for white sun, features notes of coco de mer, ylang-ylang and cardamom. The result is a floral amber that melts into the skin to create a surprisingly seductive, yet light and free-spirited scent.

perfumes that smell of sunscreen - tom ford

perfumes that smell of sunscreen – tom ford


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Slightly on the nose, there is the eponymous fragrance of Vacation. Inspired by the brand’s best-selling and self-proclaimed sunscreen, the company ditched its winning scent to create a fragrance. It blends classic sunscreen notes, such as coconut, banana, pineapple, and orange blossom, with summer accords like swimsuit lycra, pool water, and sea salt. . A few spritzes will take you back to your favorite – but more upscale – childhood memories.

sunscreen scented perfumes

sunscreen scented perfumes


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Of course, you can always slather on your favorite sunscreen – something you absolutely should do regardless of the season – but if you want a higher experience and scent, go with one of these scents.

Sarah C. Figueiredo