These are the best scents if you love honeysuckle

Gravitating towards specific scents is not fair on memory. As aromatherapy expert Kerri Nau explained to InStyle, “It really comes down to our personal preferences. The scents we ‘like’ are actually related to what we naturally ‘need’. Inhaling smells…can alter our emotional and physical state. We are naturally drawn to smells that make us feel a certain way.” In the case of honeysuckle, you may be craving a sense of serenity and sweetness in your life. According to Networx, honeysuckle smells as sweet as candy, with strong fruit and honey undertones. Those who love honeysuckle might be drawn to relaxation and meditation, and living life with a “glass half full” mentality.

Additionally, a honeysuckle connection might be ingrained in memory. For example, if you remember running through a honeysuckle garden as a child, your current love for perfume is inspired by that experience. Or, if you remember smelling your grandmother’s honeysuckle scent when you were younger, that may be enough to make you adore the same scent today. As Everfumed reports, people typically associate honeysuckle with summer and the warmer months of the year, so your attraction to it could also mean you crave spring growth and summer beach days. Luckily, there are tons of amazing honeysuckle scents to get you through even the coldest winters!

Sarah C. Figueiredo