There was a complaint of theft of diamonds and cash worth several hundred thousand euros from the ST bus, you will also be shocked to know who the accused was!

The accused turned out to be the complainant, he himself had made a plan to make the bag disappear, the truth emerged in the police investigation

Recently, in Morbi, two people had informed the police that a bag full of assets worth Rs 40 lakh including 30 lakh in cash and ornaments was stolen from the employees of Angadiya firm coming on the ST bus from the Bhuj Rajkot road. In the incident, the LCB team arrested two defendants after a thorough investigation. In this incident, there was a stir after it was discovered that the plaintiff was the real accused.

According to reports, in the ST bus in Bhuj Rajkot road, two employees of Mahendra Praveen Angadiya Rajkot company came from Bhuj to Rajkot carrying different things in a total of three bags. His total assets were worth 40 lakhs, including 30 lakhs in cash and 10 lakhs in cash. When he arrived at the old bus stop in Morbi, he told the police that a stranger had stolen the bag. Therefore, besides the Divisional Police, the LCB team started to investigate the incident.

When the LCB team learned of the involvement of employees of the Angadiya firm, questioned, both broke down and confessed to having plotted to make the bag disappear. In which other defendants, Siddhraj Singh Sartanji Parmar, resident of Kosa ji Patan Wala, was included and called to Adipur bus stand. He too sat in the bus on the road to Bhuj Rajkot. He got off at the Bhachau bus stop with a bag full of cash and a parcel of gold and silver jewelry given to him after taking the Bhachau ticket. After this agreement, the LCB team arrested two people. The names of the two accused are Anandji Hamirji Parmar, employee of Angadiya company, and Ajitsinh Nathji Parmar, Sabosan. As police stepped up their efforts to catch the fugitive accused, Patan Wala Kosagam resident Siddharaj Singh Sartanji Parmar.

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Sarah C. Figueiredo