The “Pink Diamonds” exhibition is presented in Australia

Photo courtesy of Melbourne Museum and LJ West.

The Melbourne Museum in partnership with the legendary New York-based diamond merchant LJ West offering visitors a unique opportunity to marvel at some of the rarest, most precious and beautiful miracles that nature has produced. The pink diamonds The exhibition will showcase over 100 truly unique gemstones found in Australia’s Kimberley region. About 75 pieces in the exhibit are loose natural-colored diamonds, and there are also fifteen finished fine jewelry pieces set with natural-colored diamonds. The diamonds and jewelry in this exhibit are valued in the hundreds of millions of US dollars.

Natural colored diamonds have been appreciated for a long time and their value continues to increase. The perfect alignment of conditions within the Earth for naturally colored diamonds to form occurs very rarely, making them extraordinarily valuable.

melbourne museum pink diamond exhibition
Argyle Hidden Princess – 2.01 Fancy Vivid Pink (Highest purity SI2 Vivid Pink Princess cut from Australia).

“Museums Victoria is pleased to present this world premiere exhibition of some of Earth’s extraordinary beauty,” said Lynley Crosswell, Director and CEO of Museums Victoria.

“The exhibition will highlight their dazzling hues, the fascinating science and the precise skill required to cut these exquisite gemstones.”

The location of the exhibition in Australia is very fitting as Australia is known as one of the biggest diamond producing countries in the world. 90% of all pink diamonds never discovered have been found in Australia. To visualize their rarity, consider this, all Australian pink diamonds that have ever been sold can fit in two champagne flutes. Even though pink diamonds are among the rarest gemstones, other naturally colored diamonds featured in this exhibit make even pink seem abundant.

melbourne museum pink diamond exhibition
Argyle Thea – 2.24 Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink (Highest clarity VS2 Radiant Cut of her color from Australia)

The spectacular collection includes the 2.83 carat Argyle Violet Diamond, one of the most spectacular gems on Earth. It is “one of the rarest gems in the world – the Picasso of the collection”, said Larry West. Placed in the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles in 2016, it is the only stone in history to bear this color grading. The purple diamond is hundreds of times rarer than a pink diamond.

melbourne museum pink diamond exhibition
Purple Argyle Diamond ring – 2.83 Fancy Deep Grayish Bluish Violet accented with 10 round natural vivid pink diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.73 and 2 heart shaped natural vivid pink diamonds with a weight of 0.30 and 0, 37 carat surrounding the oval (Australia’s rarest diamond – Largest violet ever found in Australia).

Also included in the pink diamonds piece is arguably the rarest of all natural diamond colors, red. According to Argyle Pink Diamonds, only 34 fancy red colored diamonds have been offered in the history of the Argyle Signature Diamond Tender (an annual sale of Australia’s rarest diamonds). With the majority of natural red diamonds coming from Australia, this small number shows the importance of each natural red diamond.

melbourne museum pink diamond exhibition

The Red Winter Flower Brooch
– 2.15 carats of natural red diamonds in a handmade masterpiece. The design features 6 natural red diamonds set in a platinum flower brooch with the center diamond a 0.74ct Fancy Red Radiant and five petal red diamonds; in addition, there are 48 colorless pear, marquise and baguette diamonds. – (Only jewel with 6 natural red diamonds from Australia.

Larry West has been building his collection of Argyle Pink diamonds for over 30 years, many of which have never been on public display. “I am delighted that the best of the collection is back in Australia and presented as the greatest display of pink diamonds ever,” says Larry West.

LJ West Diamonds, Inc. is a three-generation natural colored diamond wholesaler founded in the late 1970s. For over 30 years, Larry West has studied and collected some of the rarest diamonds. Their expertise in analyzing natural colored rough diamonds and highlighting their true color potential is a masterful skill that has helped establish them as one of the world’s premier homes for some of the world’s most natural diamonds. rarest and most important fancy color ever discovered.

melbourne museum pink diamond exhibition
Australian Rose earrings with matching Fancy Intense Pink round diamonds of 0.51 and 0.52 carats in platinum and 18 carats.

“Our planet created these flawless diamonds more than 1.6 billion years ago,” said Museums Victoria Research Institute science director Dermot Henry.

“Finding a pink diamond is like retrieving the ‘needle from a haystack’; only one carat in a million will display this intense pink color. They remind us how wonderful nature truly is.

This unique opportunity will allow the public to discover what gives pink diamonds their breathtaking color, and the art behind the cutting, polishing and setting of diamonds in fine jewelry.

pink diamonds The exhibition is on view at the Melbourne Museum from November 5, 2022 to January 29, 2023 and is free with admission to the museum. Book tickets here.

Sarah C. Figueiredo