The new Diamonds Do Good bracelet is launched

New York—The new Diamonds Do Good bracelet was released just ahead of the festive season, with sales of the sleek, gender-neutral style benefiting education and entrepreneurship training for girls in Tanzania.

Designed by Gloria Batlle of Onirikka Jewelry, the bracelet features matte onyx beads accented with four evenly spaced black diamonds as symbols of unity and equality. There is a tsavorite garnet on the pulse point representing life and rebirth, and a champagne diamond, included as a symbol of the light within all of us.

“For me, everything is unified,” Batlle said. “The more love we give, the more good we do, the more light we project.”

Diamonds Do Good launched the bracelet in partnership with model and entrepreneur Flaviana Matata, who was born and raised in Tanzania.

For each bracelet sold, DDG will make a donation to the Flaviana Matata Foundation (FMF)a non-profit organization that aims to inspire, empower and support girls in the model’s home country.

“Diamonds Do Good and the Flaviana Matata Foundation recognize the importance of girls going to school and completing their education so they can become economically independent and agents of change in their communities and in the world,” said Matata said.

“The Diamonds Do Good Bracelet is a way for everyone to help secure that future.”

Girls from Tanzania who are part of the Flaviana Matata Foundation are also featured in the campaign for the new Diamonds Do Good bracelet.

Photographer Anthony Friend shot a photoshoot for the campaign featuring Matata, fellow model Nicola Breytenbach and FMF girls.

With the help of the Smithee Group, DDG also created short and long videos featuring Matata. The production was made possible by a grant from the JCK Industry Fund.

Participating retailers will be included in geo-targeted promotions as part of the campaign.

“All retailers are encouraged to join this consumer confidence building initiative, which connects consumers with a tangible way to give back and show that diamonds really do feel good,” said Nancy Orem Lyman, Executive Director of the DDG.

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Sarah C. Figueiredo