The best wine glasses of 2022

CEO and Founder of Estelle Colored Glass, Stephanie Hall, told the New York Times that the inspiration for her business began when she was looking for colored glass pieces for her home and saw a limited range of modern colored glassware. Wife and owned by BIPOC, this not-so-small company was inspired by Hall’s grandmother, Estelle, who nurtured the founder’s love for vintage glassware.

This company replaces any prejudices you may have about vintage glassware. Every piece of Estelle colored glass is made by Polish artisans with a “history of over 100 years”, creating a unique piece of jewelry for every home that can be both modern and passed down from generation to generation. Wine glasses are available in stemless, champagne, and tulip-shaped styles in a variety of beautiful jewel tones like fuschia, mint green, amethyst, and emerald green. Product reviews on Food52 mention not only the vibrant colors, but also the natural weight of each glass, the durable materials and the slim rim – perfect for entertaining and adding a splash of color to any maximalist kitchen.

Shop a set of six mixed colors starting at $205 on the Estelle colored glass website.

Sarah C. Figueiredo