The Best Places to Buy Lab Diamonds

Since their introduction to the public, lab-grown diamonds have been received with some hesitation. Consumers are sometimes skeptical – and rightly so, how can something in a lab compare to what is found organically in nature? But with new technologies and sustainable practices, there is something to be said for all the benefits of lab-created diamonds.

One of the benefits of the growth of commercial labs is that it is a more sustainable route to purchasing new diamonds – there is no mining and many companies create them using energies renewable, leaving no emissions. Another advantage is that the developed buy lab maximizes your budget without necessarily sacrificing quality.

Below, we’ve included 7 of the best jewelers offering lab-created diamond engagement rings.

Best for premium cuts

A magnificent selection of hand cut and polished diamonds

In addition to producing zero emissions and preserving the environment, VRAI prides itself on its diamonds that are hand cut and polished by artisans with decades of experience. And the attention to detail shows it: VRAI’s diamonds have some of the best cuts on the market.

The best economical option

Gorgeous rings that won’t break the bank

Blue Nile has been around for over 20 years, so it’s no wonder it’s a trusted authority in an otherwise newer space (it entered the world of lab-grown diamonds as part of of a partnership with Lightbox in 2020). And during this time, they have managed to perfect their business model, offering high quality stones with low overhead and, therefore, affordable prices.

Best for Custom Parts

A bespoke experience like no other

The best for classic rings

A celebrity favorite that stands the test of time

A favorite of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, Lark and Berry already has the style of approval. Plus, every piece is fully traceable, telling you exactly where and how it was made.

The Best Eco-Friendly Rings

A brand that helps the planet

Taking sustainability one step further, Aether not only claims to be environmentally neutral, but also to improve this. Created from excess carbon dioxide in atmospheric pollutions, diamond production allegedly removes carbon pollution from the atmosphere. The bottom line? It’s a diamond you can actually feel good about buying.

The Best Delicate Styles

A contemporary twist on classic styles

A brand that doesn’t compromise on style for substance, Matilde offers more contemporary and delicate pieces with an emphasis on durability. In addition, each piece is set with 100% recycled gold.

The best variety

Endless options for choosing the perfect diamond

James Allen is another trusted authority on the world of lab-grown diamonds. The jeweler is best known for their massive selection of diamonds in virtually every cut at every price point. Additionally, it offers a virtual service for bespoke rings that provides a full 360 degree view of the piece, highlighting every detail.

Sarah C. Figueiredo