The best perfumes to buy now – The Irish Times

Although most of us have a favorite or “signature” scent – if we have any notions about it – scent is very seasonal. The smoky, woody notes needed to cut through the heavy humidity of the Irish wintry air can sound hysterically melodramatic and overdressed by a light summer breeze. At this time of year, makeup and hairstyle changes with our wardrobe. Perfume tends to go in the same direction. In tandem with the golden tones and brighter colors drawn from the back of the wardrobe or makeup bag, the scent becomes a bit more fruity, in every sense of the word. Lighter, more playful notes adapt better to the weather. They express the kind of wild optimism that can only exist on a hot day in a country that sees about 12 such days a year.

Don’t worry though – if you prefer a scent with enough body to fill out a pair of oversized designer sunglasses as they watch the weather and declare there’s a big drying out, you don’t have to. compromise this summer. The key is for a scent to have depth rather than weight. Jo Loves Mango Thai Lime Fragrance Brush (€50 at Space NK) is a boisterous celebration of that summer spirit. Herbaceous, crisp and bubbly, it embodies all the joy of warm weather, ripe fruit and an empty afternoon stretching languidly before you.

Interestingly, I had a sizeable argument with my husband about Cochine Vanilla & Black Tobacco Eau de Parfum (€130 on He steals it, you see, and I refuse to share a single drop. Inspired by the sweltering heat of summer evenings, it contains a spicy touch of nutmeg with sweet vanilla, tangy cardamom and a touch of tobacco flower. The first sniffle is a bit like prolonged eye contact with a very attractive person who doesn’t happen to be the one you’re in a relationship with. It’s a thrill of something safe but exciting before you start your evening as usual (because despite all his perfume thefts, your hubby is nice, really).

La Perla About That Night Eau de Parfum (from €100 at has an equally edgy vibe of banter in a bottle, but with a symphony of notes. With fruits such as pear, blackcurrant and bergamot giving way to a floral heart that includes jasmine and lavender, it settles into a base of heavy hits such as musk, vetiver and ambergris. hot. This is one for those who love a scent that plays with gender norms and gives you everything it has for every wearing moment.

For a more subtle option, Glossier You Eau de Parfum (€58 on is the ideal cool girl summer fragrance. It packs all the scent highlights – a perfect blend of pink pepper, white florals and woody (but not wintry) amber, it’s a real chameleon scent. It works both night and day and is feminine but not difficult.

Sarah C. Figueiredo