The Best Celebrity Perfumes of the 2000s and Why We Loved Them

Kate Nightingale, consumer psychologist and founder of Style Psychology, adds that celebrity fragrances have an appealing and ambitious quality. “The purchase of celebrity perfumes can be linked to the ‘Ideal Self’: the future dream version of a person’s identity and lifestyle,” she explains. “As a person works towards getting closer to their imagined future, they use various tools to help them in the process of self-development. One of these tools is to emulate the identity and lifestyle of celebrities through consumption.

Lizzy, 24, is another fan of celebrity perfumes. She explains that she was partly drawn to Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck for this reason: “I was a big fan of her – well, I still am – and I thought it was cool to smell like her, although I don’t know if she was actually wearing the perfume,” she says. Nightingale adds that consumers tend to gravitate toward people, brands, and celebrities who have similar personalities and values ​​to their own.” In this case however, the similarity more often exists between a client’s ideal self and the celebrity’s perceived identity and lifestyle,” she explains.

Fragrance experts at Justmylook cite Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Britney Spears as the big names who really kicked off the trend in the early 2000s. and didn’t branch out into different businesses or invest their money, which made the fragrances even more exciting for fans,” the team explains. “Scents like this are popular because they’re an accessible way for fans to identify with their favorite celebrities; their wardrobes are too expensive to copy, but the ability to smell like your favorite celebrity is easy because it is cheaper to buy the perfumes than their designer outfits.

Sarah C. Figueiredo