The 6 Best Glasses Frames for Men’s Face Shape

Do you know what shape of glasses suits you? Sometimes we forget details like this when buying a new pair of glasses. When it comes to glasses, you need to buy a frame that suits your face shape. After determining your facial features, you will have many options for choosing a pair of eyeglass frames for men face shape.

1. Oval face type

Oval faces are suitable for almost all styles of men’s glasses. The features of the oval face type are balanced because the profile is long and round. A narrow forehead, wider cheekbones and a narrow chin best describe an oval face. Choose glasses with angles to emphasize the natural balance of the modest curves of your face if you have an oval face. Look for frames at least as wide as the widest part of your face, which is usually the area around your eyes. Tom Ford FT5542-B Blue Light Block, Nike 7125 and SmartBuy Collection Shire Blue-Light Block are frames which are perfect for oval shaped faces.

2. Square face type

The solid angles are there in the square faces. The face is also very evenly proportioned and somewhat balanced. To look more decent, if you have a square face type, choose round frames. To contrast with the square face type, choose round shaped frames. You can consult Calvin Klein CK5460, Tom Ford FT5557-B and Ray-Ban RX6392 2968 styles if you have a square face. These stylish frames can enhance your look and contrast your square features.

3. Round face type

There is not much difference between round and oval glasses. Tall lenses and sharper angles are the best eyewear styles for men that can go on with a round face. If you want your face to appear slim and long, try rectangular glasses. Butterfly frames are also a great way to add a unique touch to your outfit. To complement your soft features, make sure the lenses are square.

4. Heart-shaped face type

Heart-shaped faces describe people with high cheekbones, wider foreheads, and narrow cheekbones. One of the most defining characteristics of these face types is that they are wider at the top compared to the bottom of the face. Choose heavier and smaller glasses to lay down a glasses-style look for men with a heart-shaped face type.

5. Diamond face type

Narrower foreheads and full cheekbones best describe diamond-shaped faces. Round, lighter glasses will work well for diamond-shaped faces. There are frames known as Browline style frames. Look for frames that add softer contrast to angular features and draw attention to your eyes. The diamond-shaped features are especially beautiful in curved frames with delicate lines. Try Versace VE1263 and Ray-Ban RX3716VM to balance your facial features. Make a style statement with these frames, while balancing out the overall features of your diamond-shaped face.

6. Triangular face type

These are the widest face shapes at the bottom but narrowest at the top of the face. To maintain balance with this type of face shape, you need to look for frames that play an opposite role.

Brownline and Cat-Eye glasses are the best eyeglass frames for triangular face shapes. In this regard, Karl Lagerfeld KL 6063 093 is the perfect setting for you. They can maintain the balance of the face shape and can also create a bold fashion statement.


Different face shapes require different eyeglass frames to look stylish. So, always choose eyeglass frames wisely and according to your face shape. Eyewear brand online SmartBuyGlasses present a wide range of trendy glasses for all face types. You’ll be able to find a pair that complements your features and brings a natural balance to your appearance once you’ve decided which glasses are the best option for your face shape.

Sarah C. Figueiredo