Sheffield eclipse: Jeweler with original glasses from the 1999 blackout treats colleagues to a solar event

A partial solar eclipse took place in England today, with up to 25% of the sun covered during the peak at 10.59am – not that it was noticed by much of Sheffield, where it barely registered for the average person in the street.

However, a downtown jewelers took advantage of the opportunity.

HLBrown staff were treated to a first-class look at the event when Managing Director James Frampton arrived at work today armed with a very special memento – an original pair of viewing specs from 1999, when a total solar eclipse has been observed in Cornwall.

A partial solar eclipse went largely unnoticed in Sheffield today – but city center jeweler HLBrown was able to take full advantage of it.

Mr Frampton was lucky enough to visit 23 years ago and kept a souvenir booklet of the day, with a pair of eclipse glasses on the back.

He told The Star: “The weather conditions were wonderful for him today. That doesn’t always happen on a beautiful sunny day like this.

“I hadn’t planned to watch it today, but I remembered I had my booklet and my glasses somewhere in the house and I got them.

“I don’t know much about the technical aspect – my expertise is much more in gemstones. But it’s wonderful to see.

A photo of the partial eclipse seen in Sheffield today (October 25), photographed by Amy Rawlinson of Westfield.

Another Sheffield resident who saw the eclipse in full focus was Amy Rawlinson from Westfield, who snapped the event via her phone camera and shared them with The Star.

Managing Director of HLBrown, pictured with his original booklet and eclipse goggles from the 1999 blackout he was able to view in Cornwall.

Sarah C. Figueiredo