Senco Gold & Diamonds launches new campaign featuring Sourav Ganguly to promote DG Gold

Kolkata: Senco Gold & DiamondsEast India’s largest organized jewelry retailer (by store count), today announced the launch of a new campaign featuring Sourav Ganguly for its online gold trading platform. line named DG Gold ( In the campaign, which went live today, current BCCI Chairman and Senco Gold & Diamonds Brand Ambassador since 2015, Sourav Ganguly, promotes ‘DG Gold’, the business of digital gold from Senco Gold & Diamonds.

This is a fun campaign, highlighting the ease of buying gold on DG Gold, through a series of 3 humorous films, featuring Sourav Ganguly. In the films, Sourav plays 3 well-known folktale characters, who go to great lengths to satisfy his desire for gold, but interestingly, these stories each time end with comically disastrous results. Each film ends with a message from the former Indian captain – “Why go to so much trouble for gold, when you can buy gold easily on Senco DG Gold!”

These films bring Sourav Ganguly’s never-before-seen comedic brilliance to the screen. His perfect comedic timing and perfect performances make these films more memorable. Ads will run on TV and digital platforms.

Film 1 – Sourav as Ali Baba:

Sourav plays the famous folktale hero Ali Baba, trying to steal gold from the 40 thieves, from the legendary “KhulJa Sim Sim” cave. But of course, as in the story, he forgets the “password” to open the cave, with comically disastrous results. The film ends with Sourav as himself, introducing Senco DG Gold as the hassle-free way to satisfy his desire for gold.

Film 2 – Sourav and The Golden Goose:

This film takes the folk tale of the “goose that lays the golden egg” and places it in a modern context. Sourav plays the hero who acquires the magical Golden Goose to satisfy his cravings for gold, but the story has an unexpected and comedic twist, which really showcases his comedic acting. The film ends with Sourav as himself, introducing Senco DG Gold as the easiest and most reliable way to acquire gold.

Movie 3 – Sourav with The Touchstone/Poroshpathor:

Sourav plays a middle-class man who acquires the mythical touchstone/philosopher’s stone or Poroshpathor – a stone that turns everything it touches into gold. But he gets careless in his excitement, leading to an unexpected and hilarious twist at the end. The film ends with Sourav himself introducing Senco DG Gold as the easiest and smartest way to buy gold.

Expressing his point of view on occasion, Sourav Ganguly said: “I am very excited about the new campaign which is fun and informative for those who want to trade gold online. I am not new to this brand as my association with Senco Gold & Diamonds dates back to 2015. Senco Gold is a trusted jewelry brand and it gives me immense pleasure to be associated with such a prominent jewelry brand.

Speaking on occasion, Suvankar Sen, MD & CEO, Senco Gold and Diamonds said, “We launched DG Gold, a digital platform for clients to buy, trade and sell gold via our website nearly one year to date. This new era product was launched keeping in mind the highly conscious Indian Millennials who not only know the different asset classes to invest in but also realize the benefits of saving early. Through this campaign, our National Brand Ambassador Sourav Ganguly will be seen in three different avatars, emphasizing the key features of DG Gold – Hassle-Free Instant Transactions, 24k Pure Gold, Total Security and Assurance. We are sure our customers will love this campaign and it will bring a smile to their faces seeing the humorous side of our beloved Dada. I would like to thank Joita Sen-Director, Senco Gold & Diamonds and the entire marketing team who collaborated with Bang On, our advertising agency to produce a set of highly engaging advertisements. I would also like to thank MrDibyenduBaral, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer and our technical team for the development of this new age product.

Director and director of photography of Bang On Content, Piyash Ghosh said – “It was a fantastic experience working on these films, from conceiving the ideas to realizing them in front of the camera. The best part of it all was Sourav himself – he was such a great sport to play the comedic roles and revealing his comedic side for the first time on screen. His support and added value throughout the process made the movies and the experience even more enjoyable. He is a director’s dream actor and has surprised everyone with his natural comedic timing and sense of humor. We look forward to making more unique films with him in the near future!

Sarah C. Figueiredo