Saginaw Arthur Hill Shines Bright at 2022 Prom Themed ‘Diamonds Are Forever’

SAGINAW, MI — Saginaw Arthur Hill senior Sidney Vaughn has always wanted to go to his prom.

When she was 7, she walked around the house in her mother’s dresses, imagining what it would be like to model for her family.

Vaughn, now 18, couldn’t help but smile as she and pal Delano Smith arrived dressed in brand new gear, ready for her big debut.

When she exited the vehicle, Smith was there with an umbrella to match her outfit to keep the rain from hitting her gorgeous “once in a lifetime” dress.

“Prom means everything, especially to me. I’ve always dreamed of it,” she said. “I knew exactly how I wanted it to happen and everything. It’s a very special event, and everyone Everyone should have the chance to go to prom at least once. I’m so happy that day is finally here.

The skies began to clear and the rain stopped just as students from Saginaw Arthur Hill High School arrived, and they shone brightly as relatives and friends gathered on Ojibway Island to see them in their most beautiful threads.

“It means everything,” said Pele Peterson, a 19-year-old senior. “I’m here to have fun while it lasts.”

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Rolling around in Bentleys and showing off beautiful dresses, elegant suits, cool shoes and sparkling jewelry, these students lived the dream they had been waiting for on that one night.

Senior Romello Ramirez wore a red suit to match the sparkly dress of his girlfriend Amyra Terrasas, both 18, as the two strolled arm in arm.

The couple were continually stopped for photos and were thrilled to be with their classmates.

“It’s a unique day. We must take advantage of it. This is a unique opportunity. It’s a wonderful day for us,” Ramirez said. “It’s just a breathtaking moment for all of us. To see all of our friends dressed so beautifully, we all come together again and it’s so amazing.

A dinner and dance awaited the students as they gathered for their “Diamonds Are Forever” themed prom on Thursday, May 26 at the Swan Valley Banquet Center in Thomas Township.

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