Rose perfumes that don’t smell like your Nana

Tyson Beckett dips his nose into a new crop of rose scents and rediscovers the enduring charm of the beloved flower.


Tyson Beckett dips his nose into a new crop of rose scents and rediscovers the enduring charm of the beloved flower.

Roses and romance have gone hand in hand since time immemorial. An infamous story about Cleopatra details how, in an effort to seduce Marc Antony, she covered the floors of her boudoir with rose petals a foot and a half deep.

It is an act that sounds full of extravagance until you consider that even today it takes around 4000 kg of flowers to produce 1 kg of rose essential oils.

It’s also a labor-intensive process: the delicate petals are harvested by hand early in the morning, and their delicate scent of the freshly picked petals fades so quickly that many farmers in Turkey and Bulgaria carry their own copper stills in the fields to distil their rose oil. on the spot.

The connection between roses and romance is also strong in the world of perfume. Many of the world’s most iconic perfumes (think Chanel No. 5) feature a rose on the nose. Some are woody, some musky, and some are housed in a bouquet of floral scents, but all are deeply romantic – so it’s no surprise that perfumers keep coming back to rose.

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The latest rose releases aren’t your grandma’s spritz. While addressing the world of old glamor and notions of femininity, new iterations of rose scents are more vibrant, taking into account every part of the flower for a more complete olfactory experience. Take Diptyque’s new Eau Rose eau de parfum, said to reveal “a whole new dimension of the flower – more faceted, more exuberant.”

Start your olfactory journey gently in the shower with Byredo’s Rose Of No Man’s Land shower gel. The chic frosted bottle houses a nourishing shower gel to leave skin cleansed, hydrated and lightly scented. This peppery rose scent incorporates notes of raspberry blossom and white amber to cut through sophisticated notes of sweet Turkish rose.

British fragrance brand Jo Malone completes its stable of rose scents with a new collection of personal and home fragrances celebrating the queen of flowers. Four distinctive scents, ranging from light and fresh to deep and voluptuous, offer a new interpretation of rose. Colognes and candles are presented in elegant glass containers decorated with tone-on-tone details.

Luxury designer Tom Ford has released a trio of pink-on-pink distillations designed to transport you to a place different from the jet set – and inspired by rare flowers from his own garden.

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