Robots + Perfumes: How This Tiny Device Is Disrupting The Massive Luxury Perfume Industry

Like a perfume bartender, NINU is a small, portable gadget that “designs” the scent you want by combining scents that you can then spray directly from its bottle-like form.

Call me old-fashioned, but honestly, I didn’t think I’d be on this planet long enough to hear the phrase “smart perfume” casually thrown around…and yet here we are. Discover NINU, a small, portable device that overhauls the age-old fragrance industry with technology. Fragrances, like virtually any other oronasal experience, from food to drink, are made by combining “ingredients.” The choice and intensity of these ingredients ultimately create a scent, so here’s an idea…why not mechanize it? Just like your fairly advanced coffee maker can create cappuccinos, espressos, americanos, lattes, mochas, and more. simply by playing with ingredients and their measurements, NINU can design and “craft” fragrances for men and women simply by combining multiple fragrance bases together. in precisely calculated quantities. Think of it as a printer that uses different ink cartridges to print beautiful images.

Designer: Premi SPA – Andrea Ucchino

Click here to buy now: $199 $306 (35% discount). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

Sure, it’s not Chanel or Burberry or Davidoff, but NINU’s way of disrupting the age-old fragrance industry is simply by offering versatility – 100 different scents in 1 bottle. NINU abandons the idea that you have to commit to a single 2-3 ounce bottle for a decade. Just as your outfits and personalities change with each passing day, NINU also lets you change your scent. The small, portable device has three vials of liquid inside that serve as base ingredients for the perfume. With up to 100 scent styles to choose from (all in NINU’s smartphone app), you can customize your scent of choice, choosing between earthy, citrusy, floral, and unisex options.

The fragrance combinations are no accident either – they are the expert work of Dominique Moellhausen, winner of the “Perfumer of the Year” award at the Beautyworld Middle East Awards 2020, who collaborated with the NINU team to design up to to 100 different flavors, easily accessible via the NINU app. Simply choose the fragrance you “feel” and the NINU device goes to work, performing its complex calibration to mix the fragrance bases to achieve the precise end result. A touch panel allows you to easily deploy the spray and voila! You have a whole collection of fragrances in one small, portable gadget.

While the idea sounds simple on paper, what’s remarkable about the NINU is that it’s not a massive tabletop appliance like your coffee maker. It’s a portable, coffee-cup-sized contraption that you can take with you and formulate scents literally on the go. This is where the intricate engineering of NINU shines through. The device is about the size of a regular 100ml perfume bottle, meaning it can still be held and used as such. On the front of the appearance, it looks like a small opaque cylinder with an elegant design, a textured finish and in black, white or rose gold colors, being part of a beautiful premium bottle. To use the NINU, all you have to do is launch the application and select a perfume from the vast library offered by the application. Once you do, the NINU mixes the scents in precise amounts for a single “session”, and a touch button on the side of the bottle deploys the finely atomized spray of the scent of your choice. It should be noted that the fragrances are vegan and are also formulated with a higher concentration than traditional colognes and eau de parfum, allowing each spray of NINU fragrances to last over 12 hours.

The app also comes with its own secret sauce, as it learns from your preferences and analyzes the season, weather and humidity in your city/region to recommend newer and better scents. This is much more than what the perfume industry offers today, because perfumes are often designed in controlled environments, and they are not really made FOR you, your preferences or your region. The process of finding the right scent is basically a process of trial and error. NINU hopes to make it easier for you by giving you 100 different choices right in your hand, and also adding a layer of AI that recommends flavors based on your preferences.

At €177 or $199, NINU makes for a pretty compelling buy. That’s about as much as a high-end perfume from Gucci, Chanel, or Davidoff (I’m more of a Paco Rabanne guy myself), although NINU replaces that huge luxury brand with real innovation and the possibility to have all your wardrobe perfume in a small portable device that you can take with you even when traveling. It also charges via USB-C, which means your power bank should suffice; and the NINU does not consume much power, so a single charge is enough. The device is up for pre-order and shipping in May 2022. If the wait or uncertainty seems like a lot (I’m incredibly picky about my scents), NINU also lets you order tiny 5ml travel bottles as of sample of 3 perfumes. (or a discovery set of 9 scents) from their scent library that will be shipped to you by March 2022, so you can test the scents before the device reaches you.

Click here to buy now: $199 $306 (35% discount). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

Sarah C. Figueiredo