RDI Diamonds joins the BIG Network

(PRESS RELEASE) Since starting a jewelry business in his mother’s basement in 1992, Michael Indelicato has grown RDI Diamonds into one of the world’s largest suppliers of premier diamonds. The company prides itself on quality, attention to detail, honesty and fairness. He currently works with over 4,000 jewelers in the United States and Canada on stock and memo diamond orders.

RDI Diamonds employs over 100 people. Its headquarters are located in Rochester, New York, with a satellite office in New York.

For more information about RDI Diamonds, call 1-800-874-8768 or email [email protected] and [email protected].

Advantages of the large network

Through retailers’ participation in the BIG Network, vendors can: get sales and inventory information, help restock inventory faster with your permission, charge/invoice inventory for memos sold, and balance item inventory proactively non-performing.

This service is free for retailers and allows you to work collaboratively with suppliers, allowing them to gain valuable insight into what is selling and proactively helping you manage underperforming inventory. Sellers have been largely kept in the dark when it comes to sales – they have no idea what inventory is not working in your stores. For participating, retailers are eligible to receive a free Balance to Buy daily sales report!


The ultimate goal… To strengthen our industry through closer collaboration and understanding between retailers and their supplier partners.
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Sarah C. Figueiredo