Qatar creates one of the largest diamond labs in the MENA region

The Qatar Chamber has announced the creation of one of the largest diamond labs in the Middle East. The announcement was made during the Qatar Gold and Jewelery Conference.

The opening of such a laboratory represents the state’s 2030 national vision based on targeting several international companies in different fields, including those of jewelry.

Qatar’s national vision aims to create other national revenues from diverse, non-oil resources.

Ahmed Alobaidli, one of the founders of the lab, said the lab is dedicated to examining and categorizing diamonds based on their originality, quality and material. In addition, it aims to guarantee the rights of clients and to create a specifically based observation methodology.

Alobaidli clarified that various international agreements should be imposed as they will play a vital role in restricting illegal diamond trade and mining.

In the same context, Qatar Chamber revealed in a statement that the creation of such a laboratory named Qatar was the first country in the MENA region to raise awareness of diamonds among customers.

The statement also pointed out that the lab contains the most advanced equipment and well-trained staff members to examine gemstones and diamonds, in addition to its credibility to license gemstones.

As a result, it is now the largest private gemstone licensing institution, supporting Qatar’s international reputation in this field and supporting its goal of being a global place for the diamond trade.

Contributed by Rana Atef

Sarah C. Figueiredo