Pushing the boundaries with high jewelry

Once upon a time, fine jewelry pieces only saw the light of day a few times a year, when they came out of bank lockers for special occasions. However, with the changing times, people, especially women, want to adopt more delicate, lighter and more original fine jewelry that they can wear every day. They want pieces that can help them shine a light on the everyday, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Come in, Tara Daswani. Owner of contemporary jewelry brand Tara Fine Jewellery, which is changing the definition of what fine jewelry looks like. While designing unique jewelry is now her playground, there was a time when this line of work wasn’t even close to being on her radar, despite her family having been in the business for over 80 years. .

“If you had told me 5 years ago that I would create jewelry, I would have laughed at the very idea. After all, I was the kind of person who barely wore jewelry, let alone designed it,” Tara explains. “For me, jewelry designs have always been too simple, predictable and honestly, nothing I would wear.”

But that all changed when she started designing pieces for her friends and family 3 years ago.

“I feel like jewelry has been taken too seriously for too long. All I want to do is have fun with it and create pieces that I personally would like to wear,” she says. When I create, I want to make sure that each piece has the same three qualities – they are unique, wearable and truly original.”

Tara Fine Jewelery’s bold, effortless and contemporary designs bring this vision to life. From ludo boards to names and even spiders, Tara takes inspiration from everything around her and is constantly sketching out ideas for new designs. “I have so many books full of sketches, but only a few of them come to life,” laughs Tara, “but each one was designed with a piece of me in mind and that’s what makes them so special!”

“No matter what material I use, be it metal, enamel or even stone, my piece is incomplete without natural diamonds. They just take the design to a whole new level and add that extra sparkle that my rooms need to stand out, without being too loud,”

says Tara Daswani, while talking about a common but unique characteristic in all her creations.

Stories and Signatures
Almost every piece that comes out of Tara Fine Jewelery can be called the brand’s signature – from stackable rings to enamel bracelets, statement earrings, multi-wear pieces and even name necklaces! However, there are three pieces that make the cut for Tara to call her signature pieces.

‘Rock’ing palm trees
Tara loves bringing home vacation memories. However, unlike most people, her memories don’t end up as a centerpiece on the mantle. They become beautiful pieces of jewelry like her Palm Baguette earrings.

“It all started with the rocks, to be honest,” Tara explains. “I found them on vacation and fell in love with their color. Also, even though they were a pair, they are so beautifully different, I couldn’t leave them behind!

After bringing the stones home, she began designing the earrings with delicate palm-like features with thin gold lines and branches, with natural diamonds acting as leaves.

“The beauty of this pair is that they are not exactly the same! Fine gold and natural diamonds that embrace the curves and shape of this magnificent green stone… How can you not let it remain so unique! she laughs.

Cascading style
Having always loved waterfalls, for Tara, creating these earrings was nothing short of a miracle. “The main goal was to create the drama of the trajectory of a waterfall,” she recalls.

In a true feat of expert craftsmanship, this piece has been crafted one strand of metal at a time. Each baguette-shaped diamond is individually hand cut to recreate perfection. The other challenge, however, was creating enough drama on all sides of the path, so that the design didn’t fall flat from any angle. After months of unsuccessful attempts, the piece has become the pride of Tara’s collection. “This is a piece that is so close to my heart, because truly, it is a masterpiece of craftsmanship!”

eyes of love
Fashion statements aren’t the only things Tara does with her jewelry. She also makes statements of her belief, in an exceptionally beautiful way. “I never believed in the concept of nazar. And I try to integrate my personality and my convictions into my creations. This is how my LOVEly Eye collection was born!

The LOVEly eye collection features a heart studded with natural diamonds in the center of each eye, complemented by unique baguette-cut diamond lashes, set in stone, glass or any other material she can think of. “It’s my way of telling the world that I wish nothing but the best for everyone.”

“Jewelry is a great way to show who you are. You can display your personality, both elegant and offbeat, with a simple piece… especially when it stands out with unique designs and natural diamonds!”

adds Tara Daswani, Founder – Tara Fine Jewelery

Jewelry – Tara Jewelry
Photographer – Gorkey Patwal

Sarah C. Figueiredo