Platinum Jubilee glasses sell out within hours of going live

There is an online waiting list for a tea towel priced at £9.95, ‘inspired by the purple succession dress worn by the Queen at her coronation’.

The Platinum Jubilee range is in a dark purple colour, featuring a coat of arms with the national emblems of the UK – roses, clovers, thistles and daffodils – surrounded by golden olive leaves and ears of wheat to symbolize peace and harmony. ‘abundance. Oak leaves signify strength, stability and longevity.

A source said it was not uncommon for special edition products to sell out, but confirmed that Jubilee items had been particularly popular since most of the collection launched in November.

Porcelain is sold in lots of 1,000.

The champagne coupes were commissioned by the Royal Collection, which already sells champagne as well as a variety of gin, port, wine and scotch.

Each pair comes in a satin-lined gift box with a numbered certificate to prove authenticity.

Side plates and pewter spoons are still available, along with smaller items such as magnets, bookmarks and lanyards.

Shopping bags and an umbrella emblazoned with the Jubilee emblem will soon be available, perhaps with much caution following the rainy weather endured by those who traveled for the Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

All profits from sales of the official range of porcelain and commemorative gifts will go to The Royal Collection Trust, a charity which looks after the Royal collection and organizes exhibitions for the public.

Sarah C. Figueiredo