Phones, eyeglasses and dentures: New Zealand’s top contents insurance claims, by state

Unsurprisingly, mobile phones topped the list with 35,899 claims, an average of 33 mobile phones lost, damaged or stolen in New Zealand every day and costing a whopping $42 million.

The state has found the not-so-reliable back pocket may be to blame, with 1,521 phones accidentally falling down toilets in the past two-and-a-half years – including five phones lost in porta-loos.

Second on the list are eyewear with 28,957 complaints, followed by laptops with 17,045 and jewelry with 17,045.

Hearing aids were notably in seventh place, with the state seeing a significant increase in hearing aid claims in 2021, particularly for damage or misplacement caused by putting on and taking off a mask.

Nine percent of all hearing aid complaints were for a mask, rising to 24 percent in August 2021 and 45 percent in September 2021.

And there’s a warning to people with playful pets and dentures, State found a surprisingly high number of dentures damaged by pets, putting it in 10th place.

State executive general manager for claims Wayne Tippet said if there’s one thing we can expect in life, it’s the unexpected.

“We see all sorts of situations that have led to people filing a claim, including peacocks running amok in living rooms or large amounts of expensive houseplants disappearing from someone’s property,” said Tippet.

“Mistakes, thefts and accidents happen to all of us, and the costs can quickly add up.”

He said that once you calculate the value of everything you own, it can be surprising how much it’s worth collectively and all of those items may one day need to be replaced if lost or damaged during fire or flood.

“When the worst happens, whether it’s your phone being dropped or a devastating house fire, you want to make sure you have the appropriate insurance in place to absorb the financial blow and get back on your feet. foot as quickly as possible.”

Here is the full list of top content insurance claims in New Zealand:

  1. Cell phones with 35,899 complaints
  2. Glasses with 28,957 complaints
  3. Laptops with 19,813 complaints
  4. Jewelry with 17,045 claims
  5. Devices with 16,032 complaints
  6. Furniture with 13,402 complaints
  7. Hearing aids with 9796 complaints
  8. Bikes with 6665 complaints
  9. Carpet with 4896 complaints
  10. Dentures with 4327 complaints

Sarah C. Figueiredo