Pharrell Williams, Tiffany & Co. under fire for copying rare Mughal glasses

Pharrell Williams seated in the front row NIGOit’s the beginning Kenzo show to Paris Fashion Week Men reveal a anticipated collaboration with Tiffany and company. Describe to be a “commitment” between the two, the teardrop sunglasses mark the beginning of the musician’s secret project with the jeweler. “I can’t give it all away now. I don’t want to go into too much detail, okay, because we’re here today to celebrate my brother NIGO,” the singer said. WWD at the fashion show.

However, the fashion watchdog Prada Diet pointed out the striking similarities between the new eyewear design and eyewear dating back to the 17th century. According to the Instagram account, the jewelry expert Annabelle Davidson commented, “I think Tiffany & Co. made a mistake in not referencing the pair that many of us saw last year.” the vanity lounge and vogue contributor took to instagram to share a look at two pairs of glasses known to have belonged to the Mughal royal family.

Sotheby’s official website describes the bezels as comprising “two flat-cut teardrop-shaped emeralds set in silver and gold frames mounted with smaller old-cut diamonds and emeralds”, with an estimated price of 1.5 to 2 £.5 million (about $2 million to $3.4 million US). another pair comes with diamond lenses in diamond frames.

“The lenses of both pairs have been cited as being 17th century, the frames 19th century – but some prominent Indian scholars and scholars are not so sure they are not a more recent creation,” said explained Davidson, adding, “We jewelry nerds might be a weird bunch, but we notice these things.”

Sarah C. Figueiredo