Perfumes under Rs 1999 for men and women to indulge in the romance of the month

It’s the month of romance and good perfumes play an important role in it. What is a rose without its pleasant smell, what is a jasmine without its refreshing aura? Likewise, your smell is who you are and it is important to give it an alluring essence with the best fragrances on the market. Here we have selected 7 luxury fragrances for men and women to talk about and let everyone next to you fall in love with your aura.

Parag Perfumes

Based on natural essential oils this fragrance is fresh and light and gives you a robust scent that is not too strong but heavy enough to control body odor. It is presented in a beautiful crystal glass bottle with a golden cap.

Price: Rs 749

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Revlon Charlie

Charlie is classified as a lively, flowery fragrance that is aaccompanied by additional green notes of freshly cut grass and crisp leaves. Its floral-woody touch exalts the feminine fragrance and is perfect for daily use.


Price: Rs 702

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Dark Side Perfume For Men

The strong and sensual notes of this perfume invoke the hidden magnetic charm of your personality and make you absolutely irresistible. This premium fragrance has a strong, masculine scent with citrus, aromatic, woody and spicy base notes.


Price: Rs 619

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Mysterious Soul Flower

It’s the perfect combination of red rose, blue iris and sandalwood. It has a long-lasting scent that is incredibly punchy, making it the perfect gift item. Get it right away if you want an effortlessly sensual and feminine scent with an eclectic combination of fine ingredients.


Price: Rs 999

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Malaki Musk Riffs

A clever fragrance that caters to men and women who want to stand out from the crowd with their unique smell and extravagant aura. Its powerful formula can ensure that once applied, its radiant scent stays all day and makes your presence felt wherever you go.


Price: Rs 1125

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Lattafa Imported Arabic Perfume

Do you like a touch of foreign glamor to your perfume? This perfect luxury is an enchanting mix of wood, saffron, sandalwood, vanilla and amber that make you look and feel luxurious and boost your confidence. The packaging of this product is so well done that it will inspire you to click the buy button immediately.


Price: Rs 1290

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Indulge yourself with this luxury fragrance that enhances your mood with the romantic base notes of its alluring fragrance. His floral heart notes include honeysuckle, lily and tuberose. Get one or gift it to amazing women in your life who you think deserve to smell like the Garden of Eden.


Price: Rs 1299

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Sarah C. Figueiredo