Panache Cha Sung-young’s Jewel-Loving Heart Catches People’s Attention In Korean Drama “Mine”

A Blue Water, artwork by cartoonist Cha Sun-young / Courtesy of Panache Chasunyoung

The new Saturday-Sunday tvN Korean drama “Mine,” which premiered on May 8, is going smoothly with an increase in ratings. The Mine is a drama about strong women who break through social prejudice and find their “Mine”.

In the drama, the jewelry of two actresses is as much in the spotlight as their acting. These jewels not only represent the character and position of Lee and Kim, who are the wives of the wealthy family, but also act as important tools to express the emotions of the characters and direct the story.

Among the jewels, the necklace of blue diamonds in the photo is another main element that leads the story of the drama and penetrates the message that the drama is trying to convey. The necklace named “Blue Water” is the work of designer Cha Sun-young of Panache Chasunyoung.

Director Lee Na-jeong, who knew how Panache Chasunyoung produced fine jewelry to cater to the discerning tastes of the top 1%, requested the jewelry for the drama. To make the jewelry, manager Lee and designer Cha communicated closely for two months.

This jewel has been made in delicate workmanship to express the unique dreamy color of blue diamonds. In addition, the white diamond design that moves along the movement of the body is inspired by the beauty of the curve of the Art Deco pattern.

Designer Cha de Panache Chasunyoung majored in jewelry design and metalwork at Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts and Design in the UK. When she was a student, she had the honor of winning an award from the British Art Medal Society for the work she submitted.

His work also belongs to the British Museum. This shows his excellent artistic sense. Sunyoung’s unique way of expressing her creativity and delicacy through her exquisite jewelry collection has captured the hearts of upper classes in Korea and abroad. The showroom located in Cheongdam-dong is now considered and recognized as “Must Visit Jewelry Boutique”.

“There are clients who ask Panache Chasunyoung for jewelry design. I believe that jewelry is the most beautiful art to express myself,” designer Cha said. “When clients bring jewelry, I think deeply about how to turn the jewelry into jewelry for them.”

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Sarah C. Figueiredo