NOVITA Diamonds set to become largest lab-grown diamond seller in Singapore and Asia

NOVITA DIAMONDS is pleased to announce the launch of its flagship showroom in Singapore. Singapore has always been the perfect location for NOVITA DIAMONDS’ ambition to enter the Asian market due to the ideal and unique combination of factors not found anywhere else in Asia.

NOVITA DIAMONDS is the global leader in providing lab grown diamonds to customers around the world with unparalleled value and choice. NOVITA DIAMONDS, by choosing to offer exclusively lab-created diamonds, has connected with a growing segment of young consumers who are not willing to compromise on sustainability and ethics in their purchasing choices. Most of the diamonds mined, commonly referred to as “blood diamonds”, come from conflict regions such as Congo and Sierra Leone. Their mining has been proven to significantly harm the environment and lead to many deaths and untold suffering of victims, often children, due to forced exploitation.

NOVITA DIAMONDS, led by strong technical leadership and, above all, an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction and execution, has been able to disrupt the aging mined diamond industry by tapping into the unmet demand for an alternative convincing to mined diamonds. By providing an increasingly conscious clientele with a chemically and physically identical replacement to mined diamond that is both sustainable and ethically sourced, while being up to 75% cheaper, has propelled NOVITA DIAMONDS from a small start-up to quickly become Australia’s largest diamond retailer. .

Equipped with invaluable start-up experience, NOVITA DIAMONDS quickly established its global presence and as a result became the largest diamond retailer in the world by opening its showrooms in key locations around the world. After shaking up the prestigious and legendary diamond and jewelery scene in the United Kingdom thanks to its showrooms in London, then Manchester, NOVITA DIAMONDS has established itself in the heart of Europe with its showroom in Germany. With its European presence firmly established, NOVITA DIAMONDS is now fully committed to establishing itself in the lucrative Asian market with the highly anticipated launch of its Singapore base.

The Asian market offers NOVITA DIAMONDS the opportunity to introduce the concept of affordable, authentic, lab grown diamonds in singapore who do not sacrifice ethics and sustainability to diverse but discerning clienteles. Singapore is an undisputed financial and cultural center of Asia. Ideally located between Oceania and Asia, Singapore attracts an incredible number of visitors and companies wishing to do business in Asia. With its strong commitment to law and stability, aided by a culture that embraces progress, Singapore has been able to transform itself from a small island nation into a powerhouse of innovation and global trade. These factors have made Singapore the ideal choice for the first Asian branch of NOVITA DIAMONDS and the perfect stepping stone to the rest of the lucrative Asian market where mined diamonds have traditionally had a stronghold.

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