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There’s no doubt that VR headsets are fun, but they can also be quite bulky and bulky. This is where the new Window One smart glasses come into play.

The brainchild of tech start-up Viture, the next-gen glasses let you stream and game from anywhere without a bunch of heavy equipment. Written by a London-based design agency Layerthe streamlined frames weigh just 2.75 ounces (78 grams) but pack a ton of innovative technology to please even the most demanding gadget.

How, you ask? The nifty neckband that accompanies the ultra-thin specs does most of the heavy lifting. It contains both the central processing unit and the graphics processing unit, as well as an intuitive control panel. The lenses, on the other hand, display a virtual 120-inch screen in front of the wearer that can be used in virtually any lighting condition.

The Viture One goggles and accompanying neckband.

Courtesy of Layer

Elsewhere, the ear-facing speakers have been seamlessly integrated into the temples of the frames and can’t be spotted when facing forward. In fact, the glasses look like a slightly chunky pair of Wayfarers.

When it comes to features, Layer claims that Viture One’s operating system is compatible with almost all major streaming and gaming platforms. Plus, you can easily sync the glasses with another pair to watch or play with friends on the go.

Viture One also aims to be more stylish and versatile than other VR headsets and smart glasses. Layer has developed an interchangeable nose bridge that allows the glasses to complement a range of face shapes. The display can also be adjusted to accommodate people with short-sightedness.

Viture One neck warmer

A detailed overview of the neckband controls for eyewear.

Courtesy of Layer

“The smart eyewear space is typically populated by overly designed, overly technical frames,” Layer founder Benjamin Hubert said in a statement. “In creating Viture One, we wanted to offer the antithesis of this trend. The result is a more lifestyle-oriented product, similar to the traditional eyewear you would proudly wear as part of your fashion expression.

Since Hubert launched Layer in 2015, the studio has worked with well-known brands, such as Aesop, Google, Panasonic and Nike, to develop state-of-the-art products. Viture One is no exception; it’s a smart wearable that might actually give you style points instead of taking them away.

Now show us a VR headset that can do that.

Sarah C. Figueiredo