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When Gloria Batlle of Onirikka Fine Jewelry started working on the Diamonds Do Good fundraising bracelet, she knew the mission: to highlight the message of growth, unity and equality.

The result is a bracelet for Diamonds are good it is not only meaningful but also beautiful. It features matte onyx beads accented with four black diamonds placed equally around the bracelet as a symbol of unity and equality. At the pulse point, Battle placed a green tsavorite, which represents life and rebirth. Finally, a champagne diamond represents the light within the wearer.

“For me, everything is unified. The more love we give, the more good we do, the more light we project,” says Batlle.

Do Good Diamond Bracelet
The Diamonds Do Good Bracelet ($129) features matte black onyx beads and is accented with four black diamonds. It also features a green tsavorite representing life and rebirth and a champagne diamond representing the light within the wearer.

Diamonds are good created the bracelet in partnership with Batlle to help raise funds for the Flaviana Matata Foundationwhose goal is to help young girls in Matata’s native Tanzania to become self-reliant and leaders in their community.

This gender-neutral bracelet is available online and in stores by the end of October. Some retailers include Jewelers of Greenwich St., Hamilton Jewelers, Jaredand royal aschersays Diamonds Do Good.

Diamonds Do Good is a global non-profit organization whose mission is to support programs that develop and empower members of natural diamond communities and to share stories of positive impact. As an organization, Diamonds Do Good funds programs that focus on education, leadership development, and building entrepreneurial skills.

Diamonds are good
Diamonds Do Good will donate a portion of every bracelet purchase to the Flaviana Matata Foundation, an organization in Tanzania that supports education and entrepreneurship training for young girls.

“All retailers are encouraged to join this consumer confidence building initiative, which connects consumers with a tangible way to give back and show that diamonds really do feel good,” Nancy Orem Lyman, Executive Director of Diamonds are goodrecount JCK.

Batlle is the creative director of Onirikka Fine Jewelry. Jewelry is her second career path; she previously worked in hotel management. The El Salvador native says she tries to create jewelry that is both meaningful and elegant.

The Flaviana Matata Foundation and its founder have been working with Diamonds Do Good for a decade now. Its founder, Matata, is best known for her work as a model and entrepreneur. The philanthropist was also Miss Universe Tanzania 2007-2008. She has worked on a variety of projects to help girls in her home country, including efforts to distribute school supplies, sanitary napkins and information on how to become an entrepreneur.

“Diamonds do good and Flaviana Matata Foundation recognize the importance of girls going to school and completing their education so they can become economically independent and make a difference in their communities and around the world,” Matata said. JCK. “The Diamonds Do Good Bracelet is a way for everyone to help secure that future.”

Above: The Flaviana Matata Foundation seeks to empower Tanzanian girls through education and raises funds for her work through a new bracelet in partnership with Diamonds Do Good, one of her long-time sponsors (photos courtesy of Diamonds Do Good ).

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