Most diamond studs in a ring; SWA Diamonds awarded Guinness World Record

The model of the ring is inspired by the pink oyster mushroom which represents eternity and which sparkles with 24,679 diamonds on it. Dubbed ‘The Touch of Ami’, this ring made a previous record of a ring with 12,638 diamonds become yesterday’s story. Ms. Rijisha TV, postgraduate in way of life accessories design, National Institute of Design meticulously crafted “The Touch of Ami” and Guinness World Records listed it in the “Most Diamonds Set in a ring‘ Category. It took a grueling 90 days to reach this milestone. Capestone, the holding company behind SWA Diamonds, played a major role in securing this global award.

SWA officials are immensely proud of the fact that this feat was achieved in Kerala, a place with a significant number of diamond and gold consumers, but with very few jewelry manufacturing units. It is indeed a great achievement that this award-winning jewel came from this state and won this prestigious title over countries like Belgium that dominate the global diamond industry.

”It is our privilege and our honor that this ring was made in India and also the owner of the ring is an Indian. ‘The Touch of Ami’ also marks the triumph of entrepreneurship in our state’s diamond sector,” says Abdul Gafur Anadiyan, MD of SWA Diamonds.

Capestone, which has been a major player in gold-diamond-platinum ornament manufacturing for two decades, launched the SWA Diamonds brand in 2019. Even in the difficult situations of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company managed to launch the SWA Diamonds brand in more than 150 stores, in a short period of two years, the owners claim. SWA Diamonds has helped introduce world-class and uniquely designed diamond jewelry to consumers around the world.

With INKEL EDUCATION Malappuram, a government-owned enterprise holding this world record, the achievement is expected to attract more investment in the fast-growing diamond ornament manufacturing industry in India.

About SWA Diamonds:

SWA Diamonds is a brand owned by Capestone, one of South India leading manufacturers of gold, diamond and platinum ornaments based on Malappuram Inkel Education , Kerala. In 2002 the company entered the industry with the manufacture and supply of machine made chains to all major jewelery retailers and in 2019 the company launched SWA Ddiamonds in the category of affordable diamonds.



Sarah C. Figueiredo