Lindberg merges jewelry and eyewear

Jewelry meets eyewear in Lindberg’s “Precious” frame collection

Luxuriously minimalist, Lindberg’s “Precious” collection nods to the brand’s Danish design codes

Lindberg’s “Precious” collection of eyeglass frames nods to the codes of high jewelry in its elegant and minimalist shapes, with pieces made in a choice of 18-carat gold, platinum or buffalo horn.

“Similar to creating fine jewelry, we use only exquisite materials, fine craftsmanship and innovative techniques,” says Nikolaj Schnoor, Lindberg’s Global Commercial Director. “It is one of the few collections in the world to feature solid gold settings that are distinctively crafted with supreme technicality and quality. Lindberg ‘Precious’ is a testament to the brand’s way of thinking – a revolutionary art in an artisanal, refined and technical design.’

A team of craftsmen combines optometry, gemology and jewelery in light and pleasant pieces to wear despite the solid gold or platinum from which they are made. “Our craftsmen have specially developed an innovative formula to ensure that the gold structure can be crafted while maintaining its durability, and with the ability to feature Lindberg’s signature screwless hinges,” explains Schnoor. “Another challenge is to set the diamonds on exquisite branches. As the setting is used every day, the weight and safety of the diamonds must meet the right criteria. Only our experienced craftsmen know this classified technique. Lindberg ‘Precious’ is a testament to the brand’s way of thinking – revolutionary art in handcrafted, refined and technical design.’

In addition to precious metals, mounts are available in ethically sourced natural horn, hundreds or thousands of years old, with distinctive markings ensuring that each piece is completely original. Diamonds are also carefully considered, with the rare stones on offer including pink, blue, green, yellow, black and uncut rough diamonds.

‘Lindberg “Precious” always stays true to Danish design and the brand’s minimalist values, where good design meets timeless style, functionality and the use of premium materials. It is inspired by the beautiful aspects of our everyday life, from nature and celestial motifs to architectural influences,” says Schnoor. ‘Our recently launched style, ‘Harvest Moon’ from our limited edition collection, features round cut brilliant diamonds set in a polished circle. This piece is inspired by the full moon which occurs closest to the autumnal equinox. Lindberg ‘Precious’ is subtle and elegant…the pieces are considered collectible art.’ §

Sarah C. Figueiredo