Kura Technologies, manufacturer of the most successful AR glasses and platform, recognized with the CES Innovation Award

SAN FRANCISCO, January 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CEO of Kura Technologies, Kelly Penga Forbes 30 under 30, today announced that the company received a CES 2022 Innovation Award for Kura Gallium, which sets the industry standard with the most capable AR glasses and platform.

“Kura Gallium is becoming one of the most impressive consumer AR devices we’ve ever seen…”

This year’s CES Innovation Awards program received a record number of more than 1,800 submissions. The CES Innovation Awards are one of the most respected awards for advanced electronic devices.

Kura Gallium significantly outperforms all other augmented reality headsets in all measurable metrics including: field of view, transparency, form factor, resolution, brightness, and depth of field. The Kura Gallium are the first AR glasses in the world to achieve a full frame field of view of 150° compared to 52° in their nearest competitor. Its screen is 95% transparent, allowing the displayed image to blend more seamlessly into its immediate surroundings, representing a vital breakthrough for the telepresence, training and medical markets. The current best alternative only offers 25% transparency, which makes all other AR headsets a compromise solution for outdoor use.

The company’s range of state-of-the-art solutions, complemented by 8K resolution, in a compact (80g) form factor, with unlimited depth of field and unparalleled brightness (100x brighter) prompted Techradar to write ahead of CES, “Kura has been working on the Gallium for several years now, and it’s is shaping up to be one of the most impressive consumer AR devices we’ve seen to date… a positive showing at CES 2022 could make the Kura Gallium seem worth the investment when it launches.

Kura’s revolutionary, non-scalable architecture has allowed it to leapfrog the competition. His roadmap has been to develop new proprietary approaches to technology ex novo rather than relying on modification of existing components and systems.

The company’s first award-winning product, Kura Gallium, features several breakthrough technologies, including a miniature custom color MicroLED display based on custom color silicon. This approach represents a quantum improvement over the deployment of single color, color combiners or color conversion phosphors. Two other major breakthroughs are custom MicroLED display driver ASICs as well as a custom pinhole waveguide designed by proprietary optical optimization software developed by Kura.

Kura Gallium includes both hardware and software, with SDK and service upgrades for premium users. The product’s ability to enable a 1:1 virtual/reality ratio enables a truly immersive experience in a telepresence environment. This lays the foundation for integrating Metaverse content seamlessly into users’ immediate environment.

Kura Technologies was recently admitted to Silicon Catalyst, the world’s only incubator for semiconductor startups. Industry authority Semiconductor Review named Silicon Catalyst one of the 2021 Top 10 for Semiconductor Manufacturing Solutions. CEO Pete Rodriguez commented, “We are extremely impressed with Kelly as a technologist and Kura as a game-changing technology startup for augmented reality, a market we see with the greatest growth potential on the horizon in semiconductors. Their Industry’s first performance breakthroughs directly address today’s biggest challenges to mass AR adoption.”

About Kura Technologies
Founded in 2016, in Silicon Valley, the company specializes in the development of AR solutions and has a world-class team of engineers and seasoned entrepreneurs. More than half of the founding and management teams are graduates of MIT.

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