Keep aside your fancy perfumes, these desi attars are just as good

It is said that the history of perfumes is as old as the history of mankind itself. In the modern era, French perfumes rule the roost. Each civilization has had its perfume brush. Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus Valley Civilization, Ancient China and Rome have had a history with perfumes.

In medieval times, Muslims mastered the art. Attar (also called Itar) is a form of perfume making mastered by the Mughals in India. The Persian master Ibn Sina is often credited with extracting the scents from flowers. Over the centuries that followed, Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh became the “Attar Capital” of India. In colonial times and later in post-independent India, western perfumes gained popularity.

However, it looks like the attars are making a comeback of sorts again. While his devoted patrons always remained loyal to him, his popularity took a hit. Not anymore, it seems. They are now listed on Amazon, which itself speaks volumes about their growing popularity.

A few facts that everyone should know – these oil-based perfumes are gentle on the skin and since most of them are alcohol-free, they are also environmentally friendly. Also, you don’t need to water yourself while spraying, one or two drops are enough. Plus, they’re relatively inexpensive!

Here are some attars we picked from Amazon. Looked:

1) Menjewell Rose Fresh, Chandan-E-Khaas, Royal Mogra & Rajnigandha Floral Attar Perfume


This perfume has a floral aroma as it is extracted from the following flowers – Rose, Mogra and Rajnigandha. This four-pack also contains an attar with Chandan (sandalwood) extracts. The pack weighs 24ml (each 6ml).

2) AdilQadri Shanaya Luxe Unisex 100% Alcohol Free Long Lasting Attar Scent (6ML)


This unisex attar is completely alcohol-free. Its attractive scent lasts a long time and is also a good gift option. It is also safe for your skin. While the weight of the item is 200g, the volume it contains is 6ml.

3) Mayin Kesar Chandan Attar Perfume for Men and Women


This attar is made from natural wood and flower extracts and is completely alcohol-free. It can be used both on the skin and on clothes. While the bottle weighs 50 g, the volume it contains is five ml.

4) Parag Fragrances Diamond Sandal 6ml Long Lasting Attar


This attar with the scent of Chandan (sandalwood) and musk is also alcohol-free. It is also long lasting and should be applied in very small amounts. The bottle contains six ml of liquid and can be used for up to five years from the date of manufacture.

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Sarah C. Figueiredo