Jade Trau’s latest jewelry mixes all fancy cut diamonds

New York—Jade Trau’s new collection is an ode to the man who taught the brand’s creator about family business.

The fourth-generation diamond maker was inspired to create her “Poppy” range in memory of her grandfather, whom she called Poppy at work and at home.

“He taught me to be a person of integrity and honesty and told me many times that in this business you are only worth what you say,” Trau said.

She also turned to the poppy flower for inspiration. She began designing the collection during lockdown in 2020, finding mental stimulation in the flowers and trees she noticed on her daily walks.

These hoop earrings ($28,000) and ear cuff ($2,500) in 18k gold with diamonds are part of Jade Trau’s new “Poppy” collection, releasing today.

Fancy shaped diamonds feature regularly in Jade Trau’s portfolio, but the search for flowers led the designer to interact with the shapes in a different way.

“Poppy” is the most organic side of Trau she has shown in her career so far.

It combines pear-cut diamonds, marquise-cut diamonds and round brilliants in unique clusters, inspired by floral groupings.

The rendition is loose enough to resonate with fans of Jade Trau’s more classic offerings, and pairs well with other collections through the use of the brand’s telltale diamond settings that are best described as an angular hybrid of a bezel and a claw.

Diamond clusters are also enhanced when incorporated into bracelets, earrings, and chunky chain necklaces, suiting even a woman who isn’t usually drawn to flowers.

Available in 18k yellow, rose or white gold, Trau also offers select styles in two-tone designs, such as a diamond pendant set in white gold and attached to a yellow gold chain. It’s a trend that Trau has previously noticed when discussing bridal styles, which she has incorporated into other fine jewelry designs.

The Poppy Open Band ($6,200) and Eternity Band ($22,000)

The Poppy Open Band ($6,200) and Eternity Band ($22,000)

Eternity bands, a pair of forward-facing hoop earrings, and a simple pendant feel completely different with the new poppy diamond configuration.

The collection starts at $2,500 for an ear cuff sold individually. The most expensive piece is a multi-line bracelet priced at $59,000.

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Sarah C. Figueiredo