‘It’s not real’ – Woman in viral video denies stealing jewelry and money

The lady, Ewaomilola Gold, accused in a viral video of allegedly stealing the belongings of a man who dated her for the night, has denied being a thief and a s3x worker.

Remember, the lady was captured in a viral video being detained and interrogated for stealing a man’s diamond earrings, gold chain, cash and passport.

The man claimed she stole the items while he slept.

The lady had previously denied taking them, but after a search the items were found on her.

The video had drawn a lot of reactions with many social media condemning his actions online.

However, speaking about the video, Ewaomilola said that she only played this role in a skit.

She says“Hi everyone, my name is Ewatomilola Gold. Actually, I want to talk about my video which talks about a prostitute who stole a passport, diamond earrings and gold. It’s actually acting. It’s a sketch. It’s not real. Mr. Yomi Fabiyi, it’s just a sketch.

“Sister Wasilat Coded is action. It’s not true. Instablog, LinkaIkeji, TundeEdnut, Gistlover, YahooSoldier, it’s actually not real. I just checked the comments section and I was like god! I can not go out. I was like this thing was acting oo. Not be a real thing. People who wear too much are abeg.

She also posted another part of the initial video, which had not been seen before.

Sarah C. Figueiredo