Iridescent rainbow wine glasses? We will take them! – LifeSavvy


Of course, wine lovers and enthusiasts know how to associate the right wine with the right glass. Some of us, however, are just looking for something really pretty for our consumer experience. We found him.

You can receive iridescent rainbow wine glasses on Amazon, and not only are they good for other drinks (like cocktails and bourbon), but they’re also affordable.

Stemless glasses are designed to look like a diamond with a geometric pattern rising from the base, then evening out for a perfectly circular rim that’s easy to sip. Although the shape itself is pretty, it is also practical. Edges along the base help prevent spills that could be caused by careless fitting of the glass (but do not guarantee that they will not occur). Plus, it’s a sleek, more modern look that complements the color palette.

Of course, it’s this color palette that we particularly like. The iridescent coating on the outside of the glass changes between green, blue, purple, yellow and pink hues to create a brilliant rainbow effect that changes depending on how you hold the glass.

As for more logistical things you’ll want to know, the wine glasses come in a pack of four, so they’re ideal for a wine night with friends as well as sipping with your partner or solo. Although designed for wine, these glasses are also great for cocktails, bourbon and mocktails. The best part, though, is that you’ll get all four glasses for less than $30! Wild, right?

If you’re looking for a fun set of wine glasses, this adorable set will look great on your bar cart.

Sarah C. Figueiredo