Interview with La La Anthony

With nearly 14 million followers on Instagram, Anthony is acutely aware that people are watching how she presents herself in this world. “I feel like it’s my duty to do good,” she says. “Growing up in a way and seeing people struggle, and now being able to actually help those who may be struggling and help them have hope, is very important to me. That’s what drives me. . »

This do-gooder mentality even extends to its new beauty line, Inala. After experimenting with rice water hair treatments during the pandemic, she has created a suite of rice water complex products that support scalp and hair health. “When people feel good about their hair, their outlook on life is different, they feel more confident,” says Anthony. “That, to me, is a measure of success more than anything else.”

In addition to continuing her work as the founder of Inala, Anthony plans to return to the red carpets soon for her upcoming projects. The first is that of Netflix The perfect find alongside Gabrielle Union. Anthony plays Union’s good friend who warns her about dating a much younger man. “It’s all so connected to what happens in dating [world] right now,” Anthony says. “Especially when you’re at a point in your life where you might be out of a marriage and starting over. You see so much on the dating front. The next release will be a supporting role in the rom-com your people with Eddie Murphy, Jonah Hill, Julia Louis Dreyfus and Nia Long. In January, Anthony can be seen in season two of BMF as another badass character, Markaisha Taylor, teaming up again with 50 Cent who is the executive producer of the Starz series.

Ask her what her downtime is like, and Anthony admits she’s not the “spa day” type. The thing that brings her the most joy is hanging out with Kiyan whenever she can, and especially attending his basketball games. Lending his support to Kiyan is always fun for Anthony, but lending him his diamond jewelry? Not really. Even a super mom like Anthony has her limits.

“My son’s ears are pierced, so sometimes I find him trying to take my [stud] earrings,” she laughs. “These aren’t earrings to play with, you know what I mean?”

Sarah C. Figueiredo