How to Choose the Best Men’s Glasses Styles Based on Your Face Shape

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Buying new glasses online is not easy. There are thousands of styles, hundreds of brands, dozens of shapes…and can you really tell what any of them will look like in person? Well, the key is to choose the best glasses for your face shape.

How do I know what my face shape is?

For most people, discerning your face shape is as easy as looking in the mirror – you just need to understand exactly how your cup frames. Key areas to pay attention to include the jawline, forehead, and cheekbones, as well as the general length and width of your head. We’ve broken down which broad category you fall into based on these metrics below; just remember that these are guidelines, not hard and fast rules. Everyone is different and you could be a combination of many forms. If you need more help, you can try a number of practical guides Where videos available online.

Which glasses best suit my face shape?

As a general rule, glasses that balance your natural features – either those that neutralize your face shape with theirs, such as circular glasses for a square face, or those that serve to highlight or draw attention to particularities of your face – are the goal when choosing frames for your face shape. Below, we’ve shed light on five of the most common face shapes, and which frames tend to look best with each corresponding style. From oval to square to heart-shaped, these are the best men’s glasses for every face shape.

The best glasses for every face shape

Square and rectangular faces

Do you have a strong jaw and a proportional dome? Chances are you will fall into the square or rectangle face shape. This powerful shape does most of the heavy lifting for you, so opt for softer, rounder styles to complement your rugged features. Think Clark Kent here: everyone knows he’s Superman, so the glasses only add to his charm.

The best glasses for square faces

Oval faces

Large groups of people fall into the generally oval shape, which means there are a multitude of styles to choose from. Best of all, the symmetries of the silhouette also lend themselves to most lenses. Really, the sky is the limit here – go wild!

The best glasses for oval face shapes

heart shaped faces

Everyone has heart-shaped faces. The shape – characterized by a wider forehead that tapers to a svelte tip – often involves striking features like high cheekbones or a delicate jawline (think Timothee Chalamet), and makes it easy to look fantastic in the to correct pair of glasses. Anything that tapers the face or accentuates its natural peaks and troughs is acceptable. Just stay away from a harsh hairline if you want to avoid the “five-headed” coat.

The best glasses for heart-shaped and triangle faces

Diamond faces

Diamond face shapes are hard to pin down, so consider your face a plus sign. While each quadrant turns out roughly equal in prominence – just like its points, the diamond face shape has stronger cheekbones and a more pronounced forehead than you might see on a round face, but less than a building in the shape of a brick than a square – then you probably lean diamond. Try styles that show off your clean features and don’t be afraid to be bold. given the striking nature inherent in this form, it is the perfect accessory.

Best Glasses for Diamond Face Shapes

Round faces

The round face is that of potential. Characterized by smoothness across the face, brows and jawline, those with more circular faces have all sorts of opportunities to play around with pointed styles and angular frames. Glasses with hard edges, such as a square or ripped frame, generally complement a round face best, although there’s room to play with all sorts of styles, as long as you avoid accenting with extra spherical specs. .

The best glasses for round faces

Sarah C. Figueiredo