Henry Golding donates David Yurman’s new gold and diamond collection – Robb Report

David Yourman and Henry Golding are back once again with some decidedly lavish holiday bling.

In February, the luxury jeweler unveiled its Come Closer campaign with the Malaysian-British actor as the brand’s first male ambassador. Golding continues to shine in the recently launched Holiday 2022 campaign, showcasing the latest styles for men in a clever homage to NYC.

In the pictures, the debonair boobies rich asian star is dripping with an assortment of luxury rings and bracelets from Yurman’s new Gold and Diamonds Men’s Collection. You’ll also spot the murals of the iconic Carlyle Hotel in the background, which served as the main inspiration for the campaign. In a Zoom call with Robb ReportGolding tells us which parts of the set were his favorites.

“Probably the gold deco link necklace and a bracelet,” he says. “It’s so iconic of New York, it kind of draws inspiration from the architecture of that Art Deco period. These are pieces that I wear casually, as well as to more upscale events. And they go together very well.

The Heritage Chain Link Bracelet the actor referred to is available in 18k yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver, with a price tag between $9,500 and $9,800. Golding also sports an 18k yellow gold curb bracelet with pavé diamonds that will set you back between $17,500 and $18,000.

Golding wearing the Men’s Heirloom Link Bracelet in the David Yourman Holiday campaign 2022.

David Yourman

Joy of living was another source of inspiration for the new campaign. As a father, husband, and actor, Golding has had many treasured moments. “We just got back from this amazing family vacation,” the actor recalled. “The past four months have probably been some of the most incredible times I’ve had.” Festive times call for festive bling, of course.

Other interesting pieces in the collection include an 18k yellow gold watch faceted ring with a striking central diamond, as well as a pair of chic twisted cufflinks and a streamlined signet ring with black titanium detailing. Another strong point is the Petrvs horse signet ring in 18k yellow gold, adorned with a beautiful bloodstone and an engraved horse inspired by ancient coins and stone engravings.

Golding outwardly expresses his love of jewelry throughout our conversation, but the actor’s Instagram shows that he is also a watchmaker. Like any good collector, however, he knows how to balance his bling.

“I’m a stacker, but I separate hard materials,” he explains. “So if I’m stacking, I’ll use bracelets that have more leathers or threads – if it’s bracelets on the arms I’m using a watch, say. And then on the other arm, I’ll use like precious metals and things that rub, just so I’m aware of my watches.

Henry Golding wearing David Yurman's 18k Yellow Gold Pavé Diamond Curb Bracelet

The actor is wearing the 18-carat yellow gold and diamond-paved gourmette bracelet.

David Yourman

Although dressed for formal occasions throughout the campaign, the actor intends to spend the holidays at home with his family in much more casual attire. “I just had this conversation with my wife,” he says. “I was like, ‘hey, can we just stay home and have people home.'”

Nobody says you can’t rock gold and diamonds in your own abode.

Sarah C. Figueiredo