Google teases prototype ‘smart’ glasses that translate languages ​​in real time

Is Google Glass making a comeback?

As we all know, it’s been quite a while since Google Glass was officially launched – try a decade ago – but its first try fell flat. Now, according to Android Centralit looks like the tech giant is trying out a brand new pair of smart glasses with Google Assistant programmed inside.

We got a glimpse of the new technology on Wednesday, when Google CEO Sundar Pinchai gave a video demonstration at Google’s I/O Developer Summit of glasses that can translate languages ​​in real time. Although just a prototype, Google claims the glasses can show live translations to the person wearing them, CNBC reported.

the new pair of specs looks like a regular pair of glasses with no obvious “smart” styling, Android Central reported.

Looks like something straight out of a James Bond movie.

So what does this mean or how does it work?

Well, according to CNBCa person wearing augmented reality glasses might be able to understand what another person is saying by reading the captions that will be presented through the lenses while the other person is speaking.

These glasses will make the user able to understand any language in the world. Think of the usefulness of these glasses during holidays abroad!

When exactly can we expect new technology to drop?

According CNBCIt’s unclear if Google’s glasses will ever hit the market, but the prototype gives an idea of ​​Google’s perspective on where augmented reality can be useful. In other words, no release date or price has yet been announced.

So when it comes to these new pairs of glasses, we’ll just have to wait and see what Google’s next step is.

Find out more via Android Central.

Sarah C. Figueiredo