Google AR glasses with live translations could change the world

Google showed off a set of glasses that translate and transcribe in real time at the 2022 developer conference. The augmented reality display works with Google Translate. Google AR glasses could revolutionize the way people communicate when they don’t share a common language. The company didn’t announce pricing or how soon the tech will go on sale in the video below. But it is a promising step to connect the world.

We saw the news on The edge. Already ubiquitous with online translation, Google is now set to compete with other companies working on similar AR technology. The wearer does not need to know the spoken language, a translation is displayed on the screen.

A simple transcription is also possible when translation is not necessary. This serves as subtitles for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. This reduces reliance on lip reading or the use of sign language.

A woman uses ASL during an interview on the Google AR headset

The video was shared as part of Google I/O, the company’s annual developer conference. Announcements of shiny new projects are often part of the event. Aside from the inspiring videos and simulations, it’s unclear when this product will be ready for the mass market. But there is a definite need. Contact lenses offering translations are already being developed by several companies.

Augmented reality has incredible potential to improve our lives. The application of Google Translate in real-time conversations is just an application. Snap Spectacles allow users to layer filters and accessories and upload them to Snapchat. Renowned naturalist David Attenborough recounts an app that transforms your environment into that of extinct creatures.


There are also a lot of sci-fi comparisons. These Google AR glasses give a strong star wars linguistic vibrations. Almost everyone can communicate with everyone, even if they don’t speak other languages. Here’s hoping Google makes it a reality soon enough.

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