Gleyemor blue light glasses saved my eyes from a lifetime of headaches

In the past life, I spent much of almost every day parked in front of a laptop, cell phone, or TV screen. As the amount of time I spent staring at screens increased, my eyes began to deteriorate. Apparently, if you stare at harmful blue light screens all day and scroll through YouTube videos for an hour every night before bed, your eyes will be constantly strained; a shock, I know. After about three months of headaches, I finally took action and started looking for a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

Browsing through the nearly endless selection of blue light glasses on Amazon, I began to feel the effects on my eyes of staring too long at my screen in an almost unsuccessful attempt to protect them. It was until I came across a pair that suited my budget and taste.

Gleyemor blue light glasses turned out to be the eye protectors I needed. While most blue light glasses have a distinctive yellow tint, Gleyemor products do not and are therefore a slightly more stylish option. The biggest plus for me though was the different styles of frames available. I chose the Vintage Round Frame glasses because I thought that if I wore them enough, people would think I was as intellectual as the glasses made me look. These frames also come in seven different colors, including tortoise, black, clear, clear pink, and leopard print.

Gleyemor blue light glasses

The glasses are also unisex in their designs, which means almost any pair will comfortably fit a variety of different bone structures without looking comically big or small. With a lens width of 48 millimeters and an arm length of 138 millimeters, the goggles should work well across a wide range of users.

One of the most attractive features of blue light blocking glasses (besides their attractive appearance) is undoubtedly the price. At just $13, the Gleyemor Blue Light glasses were more than affordable while still being pretty sharp. Additionally, the company sells two packs of their blue light glasses for just $18 if you’re clumsy like me and probably break at least one of the pairs. Ironically, these are the most durable pairs of blue light glasses I’ve ever owned, with the frames able to withstand multiple drops, unplanned naps on them, and being smashed between the bed and the wall without any major damage.

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Sarah C. Figueiredo